Whats the most poemy poem.

The problem with Hurricanes V.S. Sleeping in the Forest.

Introduction to Victor Cruz's The problem with Hurricanes and sleeping in the forest.

Have you ever thought how you will die. Maybe get hit by a train, fall off a cliff or maybe even get hit in the head by a flying Mango. No? Don't believe me? In many countries with plentiful of fruit this is actually quite common. Our other poem is very mysterious and hard to understand. Have you ever fell asleep in the forest. If yes then you might have an easier time with this than most people.
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Section 1 The poets attitude towards Sleeping in the forest and The Problem With Hurricanes.

The poets overall attitude to this poem is disgraceful. He explains how embarrassing and disgracing getting killed by a flying fruit is. In lines 9 through 13 he even uses a little humor by joking “how would your family feel if they had to tell the generations you were killed by a flying banana.”

Like he implies this would be downright disgraceful. With the choice choice of words in this poem aren't as serious of most with some humor in between but can be very serious.

Very Poemy.

This is a very different poem compared to “The Problem With Hurricanes”.

This poem isn't as nearly straight forward as “The Problem With Hurricanes”.

This poem can be very confusing such as lines 5 through 9 says. “I slept as never before a stone on the riverbed nothing between me and the white fire of the stars, but my thoughts and they floated like moths between the branches.” Could be very confusing if you're not looking for a deeper meaning in this poem “Sleeping in the Forest”. The words in this poem unlike “The Problem With Hurricanes” this poem is strictly serious and mysterious.

Section 2 Emotion and pictures created by this story.

The Problem With hurricanes creates an image of a tropical island with missile fruit growing on trees. This image can be very vivid throughout the story and can even be kind of funny. This story though only gives me one constant image instead of many.

This story unlike The problem with hurricanes is very serious and emotional. Which gives me an image of a woman who just let her words flow. The emotion affects the reader on a deep level where can be hard to understand, but when thought is given to the poem can be interrupted to many meanings.
Spiritual Literacy - Transformation: Sleeping in the Forest

Section 3 structure and form

The problem with hurricanes at first glance has no special structure to be seen. But to some you might find something. As for form through lines 29 through 31, we start to get some figurative language, with "Don't worry about" starting every sentence.

Unlike The Problem With Hurricanes Sleeping in the Forest has a outline to some people. Most people who claim they see one see a tree. There is many different views by different people. Sleeping in the forest uses the line ,"I slept like stone on the riverbed" which is personification because unlike us and the people around us rocks cant sleep.


Sleeping in the forest is more cryptic and mysterious. For any level of reader. The problem with hurricanes is on another level though. It incorporates humor into something that's not very funny. These poems are very different to each other.