Lansing IA

Where Mainstreet Meets Mississippi


Lansing's nick name is Mississippi River Town. William Garrison is the founder of Lansing IA, which came from his hometown Michigan, Lansing. In 1849 Lansing grew to quite a popular place. Lansing was soon in the economy selling many goods. Steam boats delivered mail and passengers which was good for William Garrison. A sculptor Harriet Hosmer from Massachusetts raced a younger riverboat pilot and named it Mt. Hosmer. In !872 a railroad arrived and Lansing came back to life. Lansing IA was the county seat of Allamakee County until it got in a fight and lost it. Lansing has many historic buildings and they got awarded from the oldest buildings. Lansing has many places to eat and it's got a whole variety of things to do.

Events and Activities

A saying that John Muir said is that the "The river does not flow past us but through us." Lansing's most popular spot for fun is limestone bluffs, which you can kayak, sand bar camping, canoeing, water skiing, and cruising on the boat.

There are many places to explore and have fun.

You should get a house their to stay.

Fishing, Hunting, and Exploring

Some of the most caught fish, walleye, blue gill, northern pike, crappies, bass, and sunfish. At Big Oak Elk Ranch you can hunt white tail deer, elk, shallow deer, rams, buffalo, and wild bores. For exploring you can hike, bike, snowmobile, horse back riding, and off road.