Geisel Award

Supertruck by Stephen Savage

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The Geisel Award


The purpose of the Geisel Award is to acknowledge an author and illustrator of a beginner book that effectively demonstrates creativity and imagination while engaging children to read.


  • Restricted to authors and illustrators who are citizens or residents of the U.S.
  • Authors and illustrators may include co-authors and co-illustrators and can be awarded the medal after death
  • Books originally published in other countries are not eligible
  • Reprints and compilations are not eligible
  • Characters are original and have function
  • Marked by excellence in quality
  • Provide a stimulating and successful reading experience
  • Directed at readers from pre-K through Grade 2
  • Contains illustrations, which function as keys or clues to the text
  • Can be any form of writing
  • Subject matter must be intriguing enough to motivate the child to read
  • May or may not include short "chapters"
  • New words should be added slowly enough to make learning them a positive experience
  • Words should be repeated to ensure knowledge retention
  • Sentences must be simple and straightforward
  • Minimum of 24 pages and no longer than 96 pages
  • Creates a successful reading experience, from start to finish
  • The plot advances from one page to the next and creates a "page-turning" dynamic


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Supertruck by Stephen Savage


In this story, every truck has a special job. Some trucks tow, some trucks rescue, and some trucks take passengers from place to place. The garbage truck collects garbage, but a snow storm hits the city and none of the trucks no what to do. Then, Supertruck comes to the rescue!

My Review

I thought that this was a simple and well-written story. It was easy to follow along with and easy to read aloud. I believe that Supertruck could be used to teach young children not to judge a book by its cover.

Supertruck easily hits the criteria to be a Geisel Award book:

  • The truck characters were original and each had their own purpose and place in the story
  • Successfully provides a stimulating reading experience that allows for children to expand their thinking
  • Easily read and appropriate for the age group
  • Illustrations are bright, bold, and eye-catching
  • Illustrations are very geometric which can appeal to the age group
  • Plot is interesting and exciting for children
  • Language is repetitive and will foster language development
  • Sentences are simple and straightforward
  • 30 pages long

My Vote

If I were a member of the Geisel Award committee, Supertruck would have my vote. I believe that all of the criteria were met and I can imagine many ways I could incorporate this book into lessons with my students. I love how simply the book was written, but a complex story was still told. The illustrations were some of my favorite that I have seen in a beginner book so far. I think that anyone who knows anything about children's literature would agreeing that Supertruck is captivating and exciting for young readers.


Savage, S. (2015). Supertruck. New York: Roaring Brook Books.