TMSE Update

August 30, 2021

TMSE Mission, Vision, Pledge, and Essential Agreements

The mission of the Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools is to motivate students to discover knowledge, create a better world, and serve in a way that respects others.

TMSE inspires students to be lifelong learners, diverse thinkers, and caring individuals while encouraging international mindedness through inquiry.​

Today I pledge to be a critical thinker. I will be principled and demonstrate integrity with my actions and my words. I will be a caring person and always treat others with respect.

Essential Agreements

★I will strive to show the Learner Profile in my actions in and out of the classroom.

★I will embrace the attitudes of an IB learner at all times.

★I will work to make the world around me a better place.



It’s here! On Friday, September 3rd we will host our annual Kickoff Classic fun run. This will be our first fun run of the year and will kick off another great year in physical education. This run is meant to celebrate the start of the school year and sports seasons. We want our entire school to be very festive and dressed up! Students can dress in appropriate attire that shows off their favorite sport, team, or school subject. The bigger, the better! Students will run a little over a mile around the school and on the track. Please be sure to pack them extra water that day.

Parents, you are invited to attend during your child’s scheduled race time to run with them or simply cheer them on! Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, we will require that parents remain outside the school building before, during, and after the race. The starting line will be near the bus circle on the playground side of the building and the finish line will be on the track behind the school. Please park in the lot in front of the building.

PE/Kickoff Classic Run times

4th – 10:55

5th – 11:00

3rd – 1:00

2nd – 1:05

1st – 1:10

Mr. Guyotte and Mr. Tres’

COVID Guidelines & Exposure

  • Masks are required for all faculty, students, and visitors. TCS Board will reexamine and make a decision prior to September 10 if an extension is necessary.
  • All students are required to wear masks on the bus.
  • We are implementing frequent handwashing breaks and have stocked all classrooms with hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. In addition, there are air purifiers in all classrooms. We are also opening windows in our classrooms for ventilation purposes.
  • Our picnic tables are being utilized daily by our teachers and students to eat lunch and enjoy the weather.

**If your child is sick, please keep them home. If your student has been exposed to a known positive Covid case please let the school know and also contact your child's pediatrician for directions on quarantining.

Procedural Update: Until further notice, if a student in your child's class tests positive for COVID, you will be notified by Mrs. Nichani or Nurse Crow. You will receive a letter and/or a phone call notifying you of the same. Close contacts will not be quarantined by the school, but we encourage you to contact your child's pediatrician and/or the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

In the best interest of our school's health and safety, please do not send your child to school if he/she has been exposed to a known positive case. Our ultimate goal is to keep our students and faculty safe. Please continue to monitor your child's health for symptoms.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this matter.

1st Nine Weeks Progress Reports-Friday, September 10

News from PTA

  • Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support TMSE. First TMSE Spirit Night is this Wednesday, September 1st at Urban Cookhouse.
  • The Tuscaloosa Magnet School- Elementary (TMSE) PTA welcomes you to the TMSE family! We support our school, students, teachers, and families so that students will have the best education. The best way to support TMSE PTA is to join INVEST. INVEST donations fund all our PTA activities and support teachers, learning, and enrichment in school. INVEST is $100 for the 1st child, $75 for the 2nd child, and $50 for the 3rd+ child and includes a t-shirt, a PTA membership, a donation to the PTA, and event tickets. You can also join PTA without the donation for $10.

    Visit to join the TMSE PTA now!

  • The PTA loves partnering with families to support our teachers. One way we have enjoyed doing this in the past are with potluck lunches throughout the year. To better accommodate our current needs, we are going to make the teachers an awesome SNACK BAR instead! This will be something they can enjoy daily and based on our trial run with it last year, it’ll be a hit! We will announce restocks throughout the year.

    Please keep this in mind as you are shopping over the next few days. If you can send a snack item or two to school by Sept 1st, PTA will receive these and put together a snack station for our hard-working teachers!

    *you may send the snacks to school with your student and they can drop off to Mrs Robinson in the office, or you may drop them by. Teachers will also help students get them to the right spot.

    Some example of loved items are - LaCroix type waters, individually bagged-dark/milk chocolate, chips, low carb snacks, smart pop popcorn, flavored water, powder sticks for flavored water, and candy.

    Thank you so so much for your contributions! The teachers really seem to love this option so let’s make it awesome!!

Labor Day - No School on Monday, September 6, 2021