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From my standpoint, Media is everything that relates to communication. In this new generation that we live in, the media has changed drastically. Before the decade of 2000 started, the media wasn't such an important aspect to teenagers and kids. Facebook which started in 2005 for college students opened up a new world for kids and teenagers to communicate with amongst themselves. Facebook can be considered one of the very first social media websites that gained attention throughout the world. The whole concept of the media is to spread what’s happening around the world from the important things to the littlest things that have no exact reasoning. Media has its pros and its cons. An example of a con for the media would be them starting rumors about a celebrity that aren't true at all. As crazy as this may sound, a pro for the media would be them telling the public that somebody famous died. Not only can you see it on television but you can also see it on the computer. Typically the television is faster. The media also shows highlights and interviews related to professional sports. You see professional sports players being interviewed all the time after or before a game. Usually the media will ask the player some good questions and them some bad questions to follow up with it. They try to trick you into saying something that you didn't mean to say whatsoever. That’s a huge con for the media but they honestly don’t care if you slip up. In the past I've witnessed professional players try to be as politically correct as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In reality it honestly just depends on the reporter that’s interviewing you. I think media literacy is the ability to understand what is being presented to you. The main question would be can you analyze and read what a graph related to sports is saying? I would assume most people can. In reality, the media has it’s pros and it’s cons.

Super Bowl Precis

RadioShack in its 2014 Super Bowl commercial generates comedy and humor in their latest profit-making advertisement. RadioShack accompanies their comical aspect by having 80’s icons emerge in their store and withdraw each product from the shelves. The company’s purpose is to persuade human beings around the world to buy their products in order to expand. The company further advances itself by being effective to its audience.

RadioShack Super Bowl Commercial 2014 HD

President Obama Satire/Obamacare

Tarrel Boddie, CNN News reporter

Monday Mar 24, 2014

DC- President Obama has decided to officially change his plan involving Obamacare after an ongoing investigation that he was using the money funded by Obamacare for his own personal use.

President Obama and his white house staff have said that you can keep your healthcare. That’s completely false, but of course his website is trying to fix it.

“President Obama said he is sorry that some Americans have lost their existing health coverage due to Obamacare.”

Kinetic Typography

Football is an awesome sport that requires aerial skills. Anticipation is also a key in being successful against your opponent. You want all of your players to be at the level of acme in order to win. Being acute and precise will lead to your team being successful. To me, football is about afflicting pain and being agile. It’s a physical sport that requires a high level of intellect and aptitude. Emotions are everywhere on the field. If you lost a game then you want to avenge your team. Being authentic and having a high belief is certainly important. Football requires a team to be audacious at certain times. Nothing about this sport is easy. At times the sport can be agitating and brutal. Discipline and ascetic is the key to winning. To me it’s an awesome sport that anybody can a give shot at. Players have to be affluent during the game. Aptitude and talent is something that coaches have to build. It takes time and dedication to achieve what a coach wants. I believe that anybody that plays or coaches football can be successful and accomplish whatever it is that they so desire. Some teams have that one person that antagonizes another team to have an advantage in order to put their team over the top. When two teams step on to the field there is a high level of animosity built up between the two. Sometimes the two coaches are very analogous and similar. Perhaps Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have very similar defenses. Both teams have players that are very ample. Every time they play they ameliorate each other. Both teams have players that are altruistic towards their coaches and teammates. The Seahawks hit just as hard as the 49ers do. That time when Vernon Davis was stuck by Kam Chancellor I’m sure he wanted to alleviate the pain. After the game the press conference is required and that’s when both coaches aggrandize their thoughts and answers.

JFK Assassination

On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas while campaigning for his re-election. President Kennedy was accompanied by his wife Jacqueline Kennedy in the motorcade that he was assassinated in. Two weeks prior to his death, John F. Kennedy set off on a five day tour to stress the importance to the people of America that it was important that he win the states of Texas and Florida. A slight drizzle was falling on Friday morning, November 22, however a crowd of over seven thousand people stood outside of the Texas hotel that the Kennedy’s were staying in. It was later that day that the Kennedy’s headed to Dallas. While riding through the streets of Dallas, gunshots were heard at twelve thirty pm. The first bullet hit the president in the neck while the second bullet hit the president head. There was blood everywhere in the car. Jacqueline Kennedy was covered in blood while in shock at what had just happened. A local hospital wasn’t o far away but at one pm President Kennedy was announced dead. At two thirty eight pm Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President under the U.S. district court judge Sarah Hughes. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination of President Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was later killed on November 24th, 1963, by Jack Ruby. Oswald was shot before he could be indicted or tried. Three days later on November 25th, 1963, John F. Kennedy was laid to rest in Arlington Texas. An investigation of the assassination was later created by President Johnson. The assassination proved to be an important moment in the history of the United States because of the strong impact on the nation and all of the political repercussions that came along with it. Perhaps in two thousand and four a poll was released that stated that sixty four percent of Americans believed that John F. Kennedy’s assassination was a conspiracy while only thirty percent of Americans believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole person in the assassination. The death of President Kennedy had a tremendous impact on the United States. The people of America were shocked and stunned by what happened to John F. Kennedy. There was really no ideal or specific reason for Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate an innocent man. This is a piece of history that still hasn’t been solved to this day. Countless numbers of conspiracy theorists have explained their reasoning behind what they believe really happened to John F. Kennedy. Seeing your commander and chief shot dead on national television is hard for anybody to watch or witness. Throughout this country’s rich history and strong beliefs, this may go down as one of the most strangest and thought about deaths this country has ever witnessed. To this day, the secret service has been quite protective of the President. Where ever the President goes the secret service is right behind him. I chose this story because I believe that secret organizations planned the death of President John F. Kennedy. There is always a cover up of any historically important even in American history.
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RadioShack Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

Final Precis

Tarrel Boddie

Mr. Zopf

Media Literacy

4 February 2014


RadioShack in the commercial, RadioShack Super Bowl 2014 Commercial, claims that the 80’s decade is returning to get their stuff. RadioShack supports their explanation by showing icons from the 80’s walk into RadioShack and take almost everything out. RadioShack’s purpose is to point out that their style has changed drastically in order to convince their customers to buy their products. RadioShack sets a humorous tone for people of all ages.

RadioShack Super Bowl Commercial 2014 HD

Kanye West- Big Brother

The song by Kanye West "Big Brother" delineates to the novel 1984 written by George Orwell. This song personifies what 1984 is about. "Big Brother" is in fact something or somebody that people can look up to. In the book 1984, Big Brother has complete control of every aspect that surrounds Oceania. Kanye West says in "Big Brother" that "He could change your life." That's how the 1984 version of "Big Brother" is portrayed. Kanye West also says "Have you ever walked in the shadow of a giant?" The citizens of Oceania are mainly puppets who are watched and controlled by Big Brother. “He could change your life with all these beats I did, at least let him hear it at least you can brag to ya friends back at the gig.” You can brag to your friends in 1984 but you have to be cautious to who you speak to. This song and the 1984 novel are in fact very similar. The ideas used in the song “Big Brother” correlate towards 1984 in a very clear manner.

Performance Final

Throughout this long semester I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know. I consider myself pretty educated and literate when it comes to media. Sometimes the media will spread propaganda in order to get an up rise in the public. Almost every day there’s a new story that makes nationwide news all over America. The media can be good at times but it can also be bad. Quite honestly, I have never taken a class where we discuss topics based on the media throughout the entire semester. Before I took this class, I had absolutely no idea what a précis was. To me freakonomics should have been discussed earlier in the semester. That book has a strong message in every single page. To me the book discusses just about every single thing in the world. Freakonomics taught me that your name definitely has an impact at your success rate of being employed. In my four years at this school, my previous language arts classes were completely monotonous. We talked about Edward Snowden and the NSA and how they are monitoring everything that we do. I had already knew about the situation with the NSA but the TED video definitely opened my eyes even more to realize what exactly is really going on. Times have changed and people are in denial about the fact that the NSA has complete power to do anything they desire. That was the most important topic that we discussed in class. I enjoyed the fact that everybody was given the opportunity to state their own opinion. We absolutely were treated like young adults in this class. I’ve never been in a class were students were given the equal amount of respect. Media literacy is for sure one of the best classes I have ever taken.