How people cause global warming!!!

We can prove it !!!!!!!


Were here to tell you about how people,cars,animals,factories, fociol feuls,and planes cause global warming. We can also tell you how to quit causeing it too.Read more for details. There are links listed to go to see more about it!!!!

This shows all the carbon and methen that we put into the air!!!

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How things cause global warming

People, places,and things cause it!!!!!!!

This is how thing cause global warming.People cause it by using cars,factories,burning follis fuels cause it.The carbon stays in the atmosphere for 100 years.30% our air is carbon.

How it effects us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The carbon gets traped in the heat. It stays in the atmosphere for 100 years. The carbon effects our food, and our health!! so thats a problem!!! Also spray cans are full of carbon too. Cutting down trees releses alot of carbon. Planes also relase alot of carbon into the air!!!!!

How we can stop global warming

We can all stop it. We can drive less. Like we can ride our bikes places. We can burn less focul fuels too. Stop using alot of spray cans. That will help you and the world. There will be less carbon in the air. There are alot more ways to quit global warming!!!!!!

Nicole R Shafton R Walter O

We go to mcadory middle school. This is our global warming project.