Perseverance Through Running

By: Jacoub Letourneau

People with perseverance vs people without perseverence

"There are better starters than me but i'm a strong finisher"- Usain Bolt

When it comes to running, there are two types of people, there are the people who try despite all the adversities they face in their career. But, there are the other types of people who think the problems are grueling and impossible and just give up. These two types of people have differences and some similarities. One difference each of the two types of people has is the person with perseverance will never give up while the person without perseverance will give up. A similarity they both have is they both aim for the same goal.

The famous runner Carl Lewis faced some adversities in his career. He faced tons of racism especially when he went to Germany for the Olympics, and he never gave up and never let the racism get to him. He instead won all 4 gold medals in his events. Despite all of his adversities he was able to become famous and become one of the best sprinters of all time. This can relate to other people because other people need to learn how to never give up. The person without perseverance is different because they may be talented but without the will to have perseverance and never give up, they will give up not being able to follow their dream. One way they both are similar is both types of people aim for the same dream and goal. They both want the same thing as each other the only difference is the person with perseverance will work harder.

Solving Real life problems

"To give anything less than your best, is to be sacrificing your gift"- Steve Prefontaine

Many people face problems in a life time and think it may be the end. But what people should know is every problem has a solution. People should never give up on solving a problem no matter how long it takes them. Giving up on a problem will never solve anything and will just make your problem even worse. For example, Steve Prefontaine, a famous 5,000 meter track runner had a problem. He wanted to go to the Olympics but since he was small and no one knew his gift, they never believed in him. The problem is people will not have support from people and just give up or just give up in general.

What do we have to do in order for people to believe in you? People should work very hard and learn to have perseverance. This way people will learn to get noticed and people will start to believe in them. This is what happened with Steve Prefontaine. People didn't believe in him because they told him "he was to small" or "not strong enough." But Prefontaine worked very hard and became well known. He also learned to never give up during his career. This solution can apply to people in the real world because people have dreams but know one might not believe in them but if they work hard and accomplish hard things, people will notice that someone.

How perseverance effects your career

"If your determination is fixed, I do not counsel you to despair. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance"- Samuel

Famous runners get well known by many people, and get incredibly fast times. In order for these famous runners to be successful, they all need to have perseverance because they all face adversities in there career. Perseverance allows these runners to be able to achieve the impossible. Usain Bolt is an example of how perseverance allows runners to be successful. He is one of the best sprinters of all time. He broke tons of records. He was able to do all of this because of perseverance

The cause of how people can be very successful is perseverance. Perseverance is basically a gateway to success. Usain Bolt had difficulties in his life and instead of giving up, he tried even harder. The effect that has happened is the people become successful. This can apply to any runner. If they work very hard and never give up on what they want to become, the effect of this is they will get to be what they want to be.

Step by Step How to Succeed in Life

Do you want to learn how to succeed in life or just anything in life. Then follow these steps in order to succeed. These steps will require hard work to do and remember to never give up.

The first step to success is to learn perseverance. Perseverance will allow you to never give up no matter what. You will learn to face adversities in your career and in your life. The second step to success is to think of your adversities as petty problems and don't let them overwhelm you and your career. Don't leave problems as they were but instead try to solve them because every problem has a solution. Third step is don't let mistakes end your career instead you should think of mistakes as something you learned so in the future you will not make the same mistake. The fourth and final step is to try your very best just as Steve Prefontaine says "To not try your best is to throw away your gift."

These steps can apply to many people like Jesse Owens. When Jesse Owens learned perseverance when he was very little. This allowed him to never give up. When he was a child learning track. He had mistakes in his events but instead of giving up he tried even harder. Then, Jesse Owens faced adversities when he went to the Olympics and Berlin. The adversities he faced were racism but instead of giving up he set world records. He was able to achieve all this because he tried. In conclusion, these are all the steps in order to succeed and anybody can triumph if they follow these steps.

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Running: How it relates to Perseverance

How does running relate to Perseverance?

Running relates to Perseverance in many ways. One way running relates to Perseverance is running requires hard work and people may face adversities. Runners will to have perseverance so they won't give up and be able to accomplish hard things in running.

What are the adversities you would face in running?

It really depends on who you are and what you consider what an adversity is. But some examples of adversities that relate to running are the difficulties you may face in training, or the amount of pressure you are put on with that could overwhelm you.

Running requires perseverance. From the adversities you will face you will need to know how to never give up and to confront your problems so they won't get worse. Perseverance helps people get successful in life. Teaching you to never give up no matter what.