Gayton Elementary School Library

Mary N. Hedrick, Librarian

Building Relationships

At Gayton Elementary, the library really is the heart of our school! Students and teachers love coming to the library to find good books, do research, plan lessons, and have fun! Every day is a great day in the library!

"My favorite thing about my library..." From Students

"All the new books!"

"I really like it when we have the trivia contests."

"Ice cream parties!"

"I like that I can put a book on hold and the librarians will order it from another school for me."

"I like the comfy furniture to read in."

"The time we chewed the bubble gum and drank the syrup!" (matter lesson)

"My favorite thing about our library" from teachers

"The kids love coming to the library!"

"You guys order the best books!"

"You always help me and are so patient...even when I ask the same thing 50 times!"

"I really appreciate the great book suggestions you have that go along with what we are teaching."

"Flexibility-thanks for working around our crazy schedules."

"The one constant in life is change."

A vibrant library program adjusts to fit the needs of its users. Each year our library tries out new promotions and initiatives for our students and teachers. We actively solicit feedback from our community. We build on our successes and strive to improve areas of weakness.

Gayton Elementary School Library 2014-15

  • Initiated a Google Calendar sign-up for teachers.
  • Provided teachers with a list of stock library lessons that could be scheduled with one day notice.
  • Provided teachers with a list of curriculum-based rotations that were done in the library during the past three years to encourage advance planning and scheduling.
  • Reconfigured library floor plan to create cozy reading spaces.
  • In keeping with our theme "Hooked on Books" the librarian, library assistant, and the Art, Music, and PE teachers pledged to read one book a week and post the titles on the library bulletin boards.
  • Initiated a "Reading Olympics" program for 5th grade. All 5th grade students participate by reading at least five books, attending a team meeting one time per month, and competing in the "Reading Olympics" the last week of school.