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Student Treasures Class book

Every year I have my students create a class book that we get published through a company called Student Treasures. We have started the process of picking a theme for our book. The publishing date is February 20th, the books will come in mid-March. I can't wait to get started! If you haven't already signed and returned the form from Student Treasures, please try to do so over the weekend and return it with your child to school on Tuesday.

Friday Folders

Our first Friday Folders of the new year will be sent home today. In addition to signing the Friday folder sheet I am now asking that each student take a few moments to reflect on their assignments and the week overall. Specifically things they feel they did well in, and things they would like to work on that pertain to that week. The new Friday folder sheet is two-sided. One side is for your signature and comments, the reverse side has a box for each week, this is where your child should take a few minutes to reflect on the week. Reflection is so important in goal setting and working to improve, please encourage your child to complete this small task every week.

Guest Blogger

As a teacher it's important to collaborate and share ideas. I love blogging about our classroom and the projects and activities we participate in. The students already use Kidblog to reflect and respond during class but I would like to take it a step further. Be on the lookout for a student blog on my eBoard. I will have new students each week taking charge of the class blog by updating us on the weekly Happenings of 5H. This note on the eBoard will be password protected so that only the parents and students of our class have access to it. The password will be: 5thGrade