Want To Know How To Study Better?

Here Are 5 TIps To Make Studying A Success Every Time

1) Get Focused!

Without focus, your brain won’t be able to properly store all of the new information. Get zoned in on your work to make sure that you remember it all.

2) Don't Cram! Study On A Regular Schedule

It's hard not to wait until the last minute to pick up the list of vocab words, but our brains don't store things correctly if we don't take the time to really focus. By creating a regular time to study, our brains will be able to recognize and recall information more efficiently.

3) Create An Organized Study Method

By using websites such as Study.com, you can study in more efficient and organized ways. Your brain will be able to store information much better if you study in a neat, organized, and simple way. Flash cards are another example of an organized study method.

4) Use Mnemonic Devices To Memorize

Create a mnemonic device to help remember long or complicated items. For example, in trigonometry the formulas, Sine=Opposite/Hypotenuse, Cosine=Adjacent/Hypotenuse, and Tangent=Opposite/Adjacent are used. Some people use the mnemonic device “SOH CAH TOA” and others use “Some Old Hippie, Caught Another Hippie, Tripping On Acid” in order to remember the formulas.

5) Don't Forget To Sleep!!!

Without rest, the brain won’t store things properly. Staying up until 3 A.M. to study won’t help if your brain is so rest deprived that it can’t completely store information.