2nd 6 weeks

Accelerated Reader

6th - 88 students met their goal

7th - 45 students met their goal

8th - 87 students met their goal

3,257 quizzes were taken and passed

Circulation - 3,827 books

Top Reader in the District

CONGRATULATIONS to Maria Ortiz for being the top reader in the district.

She has read over 4 million words since the beginning of the school year.

We are very proud of her great accomplishment. She was presented with

five tickets to the Vipers Game.

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Reading Wonderland

You are invited to take part in creating a “Reading Wonderland” in the library this coming holiday season. Get in the spirit and ask your students to help decorate a book-themed Christmas tree. They will be displayed in the library during the month of December.

This is not a contest, just a fun way to promote reading and books. It is a great opportunity to get our students involved in our 4th annual Reading Wonderland.

Halloween Book Cover Transformation Contest

Students were encouraged to participate in our Halloween Book Cover Transformation contest. They could use any photo editing software, their own drawing or make it into a 3D figure.

1st Place - Melany Montesinos

2nd Place - Virdiana Nieto

3rd Place - Brandon Avila