TCMS Library

Helpful Hints

Why sign up to use the library?

Why sign up to use the library? It’s a perfect place to...

Conduct research

Check out books

Use reference materials

Meet with individuals or small groups of students

Give a test

Use a computer

Host a guest speaker

Meet with colleagues, parents, teams, etc

Relax, read, or study

Digital Resources

Check out this Symbaloo webmix of digital resources. These will be helpful as you plan and implement research projects. Ask me about passwords for remote access.

Symbaloo webmixes are a great way to put together a collection of links for your projects. For example, here is a webmix I put together for a unit on genocide.

Newspaper in Education

You can sign up to receive free print copies of the Herald Leader every Tuesday. Sign up here. If you decide to request papers, please send me an e-mail to let me know how many you should get. My helpers will deliver the papers to your room.

For more ideas on how to use the newspaper in your classroom, check out the Herald Leader's Newspaper in Education page!

Sign up and use the space!

Check out this Thinglink image for ideas!