Tasks For Success

How to Launch Your Business & "Soar to Success" - Week 5

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Nearing the End

Can you believe that it has been almost 30 days since we began this journey? Hopefully you have learned and were able to implement some tasks that will help your business grow and flourish. The other lesson that I hope you have taken away from this is, I am here for you! I am just a phone call, text or email away from you. Lean on me! Ask me questions, ask for help, ask for ideas. We are team and we are in this together!

Practice, follow through, and don't be afraid. Robert Kihlstrom once said "Become an expert in your field and success will follow" - here is to your success!

Day 29 - Sharing customer stories on social media

We all know the power of social media, and we all know the power of helping others tell their stories. So why wouldn't we combine the two?

Be sure to friend request all of your Jewelry Bar guests. After your Jewelry Bar, post about the great time you had and tag them all in the post. After those guests receive their lockets that tell their stories, ask them to post a picture of their locket and to share their story on their Facebook page. Don't forget to have them tag you in that post! They will then share their story with all their friends - and they will want to tell their stories too!

TAKE ACTION: Contact someone who has purchased a locket telling their story from you. Ask them to share a picture of their locket, tell their story and tag you on Facebook.

Day 30 - 30 Day Celebration

Congratulations! We have made it to Day 30 in our coaching program! Let's celebrate your accomplishments for this month! Post on the Team Believe Facebook page how many Jewelry Bars you held this month. Tell the team how many people you invited and how many Jewelry Bars you have scheduled for next month! Don't forget to also let us know when you sign on a new team member and have them join us on the Facebook page! Not a member? Ask your mentor or upline to add you!

TAKE ACTION: Pamper yourself for a job well and get ready to do it all again next month!

The End of Our Journey

This concludes the 30 days of Tasks for Success. You should now be comfortable with the Vital Behaviors and know how to ask friends or family members to hostess a Jewelry Bar, make a purchase from you and join your team. These 3 behaviors are vital to your business.

On top of that you should have the ability to make invitations, get yourself prepared, and effectively present at all your Jewelry Bars. We hope that you have figured out a way to connect with and get scheduled those Jewelry Bars with future hostesses. Building your tomorrow from behaviors today.

Your ability to communicate with your hostesses and guests should be spot on. You should now know how to place orders, follow up, follow through and how to set goals. Hostess coaching and explaining the Hostess Rewards should be second nature to you now.

Make sure that you are managing your time and calendar. Make this work for you and your family. Become really comfortable in introducing O2 to others. This will benefit you in many ways including getting guests to make purchases and join your team!

Remember the more success you have in your business the higher your reward will be. Not only with the O2 rewards and the Soar to Success rewards but also spiritually, financially and personally. Remember that confidence is a product of action!