Mier y Teran

By: Kaitlyn, Hunter, and Addie


Manuel Mier y Teran (1789–1832). José Manuel Rafael Simeón de Mier y Terán, Mexican general, was born in Mexico City on February 18, 1789 and died on July 3, 1832 at age 43. In February 1824 he married Josefa Velasco de Teruel. He joined José María Morelos in the movement for Mexican independence in 1811 and fought under Ignacio Rayón. In 1821 he joined future emperor Agustín de Iturbide to expel the Spaniards under the Plan de Iguala. He served in the first constituent congress in 1822 as a member of the committee of colonization of unoccupied lands. He was made a brigadier general in 1824 and served nine months as minister of war.

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In 1827 General Don Meir y Teran to explore Texas and write a report. Meir y Teran fought in Mexico’s reveloution. In June 1828, he fired off a written report. As Meir y Teran traveled north, Texas became less and less "Mexican." Mier y Teran made his tour of inspection IN 1829. Teran’s mission was to assess the political situation in Texas while establishing it’s boundary with the United States.

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In 1827 President Guadalupe Victoria named him to lead a scientific and boundary expedition into Texas to observe the natural resources and the Indians, to discover the number and attitudes of the Americans living there, also to determine the United States-Mexico boundary between the Sabine and the Red rivers.

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The Boundary Commission left Mexico City on November 10, 1827, and reached San Antonio on March 1, 1828, San Felipe on April 27, and Nacogdoches on June 3..


Meir y Teran visited Texas 2 times. He came to Texas to see if the American's were doing things under Mexico rules. He saw that Texas was getting less and less “Mexican”, so the government of Mexico sent more Mexican and European settlers to Texas to weaken the influence of settlers from the united states.

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