Imact on the U.S. 1880-1920

by Kyle Rively

American Industrialization

-Pullman Strike

The Pullman Strike occured on May 11, 1894 and was a nationwide strike against the Pullman railroad car Comany. The strike was short lived however because later that year the government sent troops in to break it up. I am both proud and ashamed of this event. I am proud that citizens took a stand against big buissiness for the betterment of there lives and the country, but I am also ashamed due to the government siding with the Pullman Company and breaking up the strike.
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Laissez-faire was a belief that the government should not get involved with the economy and was widely supported in early america. I am again both broud and ashamed of this. Although it did let the economy have less resrictions and make it easyer for buissinesses to florish It also gave rise to big buissiness and allowed events like the great depression to happen.
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Conservationist was a movement in the late 1800s that tried to save thave the environment due to rising industrialization. One of the most famous conservationists was Teddy Roosevelt who set asside countless tracks of land for national parks. I am very proud of this movement because it brought light to the immportance of environmental awareness and stopped industralization from stripping americas land of all its beauty.
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Immigration in Late 1800s

-The Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882 and it banned all chinese immigrants from entering the United States. This was the first law preventing the immigration of a certain race into the U.S. and it was later removed in 1943. I am ashamed of this law. Not only did it support the heavy racism against the chinese at the time it also greatly restricted an entire people from coming to the U.S for a better life.
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-The Effects of Immigration on Economy

Immigration had many effect on the american ecconomy during the late 1800s. Although they were met with alot of discrimintation Immigrants provided a great part of the workforce mor many buissinesses and factories. Not only that many immigrants now having a new found freedom started many new buissinesses of their own and bought up land to create farms. I am personally proud of the effects of immigration on the U.S. It really boosted the economy of the time and also increased the U.S. population a great deal.
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Nativism was the favoring of native born americans over immigrants. This belief was a large reason for the discrimination against immigrants and also gave rise to many anti- immigrant groups and laws. I am ashamed of this because no matter what anyone believes we were all immigrants at some point and american citizen should take priority over another american citizen.
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Urbanization of American Cities

-Pure Food and Drug Act

The Pure Food and Drug act, passed in 1806, called for the truthful labelling and no cantamination in with food or drug products. This acts made factories safer to work in and citys safter to live in due to less contamination which greatly promoted Urmanization. I am proud of this act because it created safter products and U.S citizens had a lowr chance to accedently getting addicted to drugs or poisoned.
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-Effects of Urbanization on Economy

In this time period many U.S. citizens were migrating from farmlands to cities in search for better lives. This event caused a huge influx in urganization due to growing city populations and caused the U.S. economy to become even more industrialied. I am proud of this event, it increase city size and caused citys to build better infrastructure due to the demand.
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-The Americanization Movement

The Americanization Movement was a movement designed by the government to assimilate other cultures into one common american culture. This Movement tried to blend alot of the sub cultures in large cities created by immigration into one and also tried to make native americans more "civilized". I am both proud and ashamed of this movement. Although it help many new immigrants assimilate and have better lives in america it also forced many who did not want to be apart of this movement to leave their old lives behind like native americans.
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Progressivism in the U.S.

-19th amendment

The 19th amendment was a huge step forward in the progressivist movement. Passed in 1920 the 19th amendment gave woman the right to vote. I am extremely proud of this event. It gave a huge chunk of the poplulation the right have a say in government and was a huge step forward in womens equality.
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-Willian Howard Taft

Taft was one of the 3 progressive pressidents and made a lot of progressive changes to the U.S economy. First of all he continued Roosevelts trust busting and on top of that lowered tariffs to help trade and took land thatwas previously set asside for industrialization public domain.


Mudrakers were journalist in the early 1900s who committed themselves to exposisignt hte problems in both the government and society. These journalist sparked many progressive reforms like for example the pure food and drug act. I am proud of mudrackers. They exposed many problems in our country which probably would not even have been seen if it wasn't for them.
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U.S. Imperialism

-Opendoor Notes

The Open door notes were a series of notes created in 1899 by John Hays. The notes were addressed to china with the intention of setting up a free trade agreement in china where no country will have a monopoly on trade. I am proud of these notes because they stoppend any country from taking complete control over china helping out with chinese territorial conflicts.
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-Dollar Diplomacy

Dollar diplomacy was a political belief, mainly during Taft's presidency, that stated to influence countrys the U.S. should use there supperiour economy. I am proud of this policy becuase it took a less militatistic and more pascifist approach to immperialism and also help out the economys of many countrys at the time with investments and trade.
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-Yellow Journalism

Yellow Jounalism was a tactic in journalism where journalist use over exageration to attract readers. This type of journalism was very popular during the early 1900s. and was used alot to promoted U.S. immperialism. I am ashamed of this method of journalism because it is un truthful and is more propoganda for U.S. immperialism that journalism.
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World War I

-Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of verssailes was writen by Woodrow Wilson and was the treaty that aong other things ended WW1, created the League of Nations and had Germany pay The allies a fine for the war. And although it was written by the U.S. presedent of the time the U.S. did not sign it. I am both proud and ashamed of the treaty. Although it ended world war I and established a league of nations to stop wars before they start it also was one of the building blocks that led to World War II.


Militatism was thr foreign policy where a nation uses their economy to building up a strong militay to both be prepared for war and to use it as a diplomatic tool. Beacuse of this belief many countrys of the early 1900s started to raplidly build up their militarys. for Exaple the arms race between Britian and Germany. I am Ashamed of this Belief because not only did it support solving problems with violance it was also one of the main causes for World War I.
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Isolationism is the belief that a nation should isolate themselves politically from other nations out of the fear that that nation will get dragged into other nations problems. This Was a very popular social belief in america most notable during World War I. I personally am proud of Isolationism yes is supports not helping out others but world war I was started due to in part too many alliances and isolationism was the reason the U. S. was able to stay neutral in the war for so long.
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