The Children Are Free!

Among The Free By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Published By: Sebastian Espinosa 10/12/15 194 Pgs.

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Luke Garner-Main Character

Trey-Luke's 2nd Hand Man

Nina-Luke's Other Friend

Plot Summary

In the begining of the book, Luke is at the Population Police Headquarters hoping to get a chance to overthrow the Population Police. When he is chosen to accompany a sergeant on a mission to distribute new identification cards to citizens, Luke is nearly forced to kill a defiant woman and runs off, leaving his sergeant alone with people that despise the Population Police. Luke wanders into a village where he discovers that the Population Police have been overthrown. Luke and some other villagers in the village go to the government headquarters and reveal their stories on TV. And Luke Admits that he IS a third child, on live television! Luke tells the rest of his friends stories also, and everybody knows, the government is to blame.

Main Conflict

Luke struggles to take down the population, he is patient, but he is very clever and knows how to get out of a tough situation

The Children Are Free!

I chose this title because i think it really fits in with the book because the 3rd children are fighting for their freedom and planning to overthrow the Population Police

My Opinion

I honestly LOVE the "Among The" series, and they all get better as you go on to the next book in the series. I would give it a 9 out of 10.