GO! Together Update

May 12, 2016

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Have you made your reservation yet?

This June GO! Together churches will be praying 24/7 at the Prayer Room in Gurnee (4609 Old Grand, next to the Dairy Queen). Your church has committed to covering specific days during the month of June. You can make a reservation by clicking here: a list of churches and days is at the top of the prayer calendar. You can go alone or grab a couple of friends or your family or your small group and spend the hour together petitioning God for the transformation of our community.

Entry information is available from your church office. If you should have any questions, please email Jill Payne.

After you make your reservation, you will receive an email (and also a text if you gave your cell phone number). One day prior to your reservation, you will also receive email and text reminders.

Oh, and by the way . . . you don't have to wait 'til June. The Prayer Room is open 24/7 every day. Please make sure to make a reservation before going.

Our vision is to see whole lives, nurturing families, connected neighborhoods, growing churches and a transformed greater Gurnee community


GO! Together is a partnership with several Gurnee evangelical churches. GO! Together’s vision is to see transformed lives, transformed families, transformed neighborhoods, transformed churches and transformed communities in Gurnee and surrounding towns. Our mission from Jesus Christ is clear – “therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” - Matthew 28:19-20

As Christ-followers, it is our privilege to share the love and message of Christ with our neighbors, to coordinate and develop ministries together to help meet the whole-life needs and ultimately to be a source of healing in the lives of our neighbors.

We invite you to join with us. Please visit our website – www.go-together.org -- or contact GO! Together Director Terry Erickson at terry@go-together.orgto see how you might be involved.


The Abolitionists is a movie being shown by O.U.R. Rescue (Operation Underground Railroad) which documents their efforts to rescuing children caught up in human trafficking. This is a one-time showing happening on Monday, May 16th at 7:30 in over 400 theaters nationwide. Below is a link to the trailer for the movie.

You can see this movie next Monday 7:30pm at Gurnee Cinema, 6144 Grand Avenue, Gurnee.

To view a trailer for THE ABOLITIONISTS, visit: http://theabolitionistsmovie.com.