Certified Public Accountant

Herby Dunn

Difference Between Public and Private

The difference between a public accountant and a private accountant is that a private accountant is an “internal” accountant. They typically work in a company, non-profit organization or a government agency. They usually are found in the financial accounting, management accounting, budgeting, or in the internal audit department in a corporation.

Public Accounting Firms

The top four public accounting firms are known as the "Big Four". They are, in order, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

Careers in Public Accounting

Some examples are internal auditing, budget consolidation, tax accounting, or cost accounting.

How to become a CPA

There are eight key steps to become a CPA. These steps are as follows:

1. You must complete a baccalaureate degree with at least 24 hours of an accounting course. Also, you must have at least 18 hours of related classes such as business law and management.

2. Pass the four sections of the CPA examination. In order to sit for the CPA exam you must provide the required information to the State Board of Accountancy which includes in most cases college transcripts, passport photos, completed application and exam fee.

3. Pass the American Institute of CPAs professional ethics exam with a score of 90 percent. This can be done online.

4. Send letters of recommendation to the appropriate State Board of Accountancy. Usually around five letters of recommendation will be required with one or two actually coming from a CPA.

5. Submit transcripts from a college showing completion of 150 credit hours, including 30 hours of accounting.

6. Provide a work history for the last ten years. If the CPA applicant has been out of high school less than ten years then a work history from graduation will be sufficient.

7. Provide certification of experience for all jobs in the CPA industry. Each State Board of Accountancy will have different requirements in regards to professional experience, so be sure to check with the appropriate Board to properly meet this requirement.

8. Submit the application, fees and a passport type photo.

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Duties of an Accountant

Some duties of an account are to be reosponcable for accurare finalcial records for individuals, small bussinesses and large companies. These records should show whether a company is making a profit or whether it is suffering a loss. The accountant can translate the financial records so that problem areas can be pinpointed and corrected with his or her bookkeeping services.

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Personal Rection

My personal reaction is that I would not want to be an accountant. It just doesn't sound very interesting to me. With that being said, it can be assumed that I don't want to go into an accounting profession.