Ducks Unlimited Charity

by Mason Shuman

Ducks Unlimited is the most effective waterfowl conservation charities in the world. I am an avid duck hunter and this system means a lot to me and the land i hunt. They are a non-profit conservation system. it got started back in 1937 during the dust bowl. they started the charity for all the waterfowl species not having enough ecosystem to live in.

Ducks Unlimited was a small group of outdoorsman who wanted to help the waterfowl survive the drought. Now there are thousands of members protecting the waterfowl. They restore and manage wetlands for waterfowl to fly today, tomorrow, and forever. They put bands on some of the species to keep track of them. They dig water holes for the waterfowl to land and eat from. They are an efficient non-profit conservation.


  • benefit wildlife, waterfowl, and people

  • non-profit

  • restore, manage,and conserve wetlands for a better waterfowl future

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  • 4,300 events in 2014

  • 2,610 chapters

  • 509,100 attendees


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