Online Safety

By Jimmy O'Donnell

Almost every person in the world has access to the internet, so it is no surprise that you could be hacked or scammed while using it. If you want to safe over the internet then you can follow these simple tips below.


First off, everyone most likely has a password for something.

And no one wants it falling into the hands of anyone else who would cause harm to you. So How do you make a password secure, you ask. Well your password should be between 12-14 characters long, longer the better. Avoid simple words like apple or your actual name. Finally make your passwords varied, add a couple Capital letters or numbers and symbols.


One thing that you want to avoid is scams. To avoid scams do not open links or emails sent from an unknown person. If you do happen to open an email and it it says it is from your bank. Read over carefully and check for...

  • Need to verify account information

  • Sense of urgency

  • Spelling errors

  • Alert that your account is in trouble

  • Link in email or attachment

  • Too good to be true

  • Generic greeting

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User Agreements

Have You ever l read the user agreement before before sign up or downloading something. Well if you haven’t here is what you could of missed. The company you sign the user agreement to could own you and use all your pictures or videos. Sometimes user agreements can also be scams by you not reading it they take advantage of you

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Really there is no such thing as privacy on the internet because anything you post can be accessed pretty easily. But that doesn’t mean you have to share private information so don’t. You might want to do this to avoid online predators. You control your privacy. You will see in the video below that all of your information can be accessed fairly easily.