Team "I'm Possible"

November Newletter

Count down to Christmas

I am so excited for the Christmas season. I even turned on Michael Buble's Christmas to get me in the spirit to write this newsletter. The next 7 weeks are going to be awesome!

I vowed to myself to be more organized and more efficient with my time this year so I can enjoy the season stress- free. (Well, it's a dream I have!) . I have my Christmas cards on my desk to send out to my hostesses and best customers. I have reviewed my calendar. I have packed all my trunk shows into November and the first week of December. After which I will be selling right off my table to eliminate the stress of orders arriving on time. I have pop up shops booked at my nail salon and hair salon plus 6 good ol' fashioned trunk shows. Plus, I'll be hosting at least one open house shopping night at my home to sell samples and cash & carry for those late shoppers. As my mom, who originates from the prairies, always says, "You have to make hay when the sun shines". So I'm making "hay" because I know if I want to make extra cash THIS is the month to do it.

So make your "hay" this month girls, be that as much or as little as you want!


Wow- have a look at this fabulous line-up! So proud of our team!

Rachelle $6138 (earned a spot at the dinner table with Jessica Herrin!)

Amy $2867 (yay! the extra 5%)

Janine $2337 (yay! the extra 5%)

Michelle $534 (Qualified! Free business supplies!)

Wiesje and Minette $543 (Qualified! Free business supplies!)

Nora $202

Tara $187

Shedion $132

A sparkly Stella welcome to Sylvia Mackay!

Sylvia took advantage of the awesome sign-up special in October! A fabulous mother of triplet girls from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She has been inspiring me for years with her athletic prowess- she's an IRONMAN, or I imagine the PC version is IRON-WOMAN! She's a great friend I have known since grade 7- welcome aboard this sparkly train Sylvia. Congratulations!