Coniferous Forest


Biotic and Abiotic


  • Temperature
  • Soil
  • Rain


  • Bald Eagle
  • Moose
  • Ferns

Coniferous Forest

The Coniferous Forest is home to many species. Plants include, Columbines, Ferns, Poison Ivy, Fireweed, and the Giant Sequoia Tree are just some of the plant species. Some of the animals are, Bald Eagle, Moose, Western Tanager, Gyrfalcon, and Common Loon. The soil type in the Coniferous Forest is Podzols, it is compacted with a humus layer also known as mor. It is also low in minerals and contains organic material and many fungi. The Summer low temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the Summer high is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The Winter low is -65 degrees Fahrenheit and the Winter high is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The yearly precipitation is 12-33 inches.

Coniferous Forest's Importance

The Coniferous Forest is known for being the largest terrestrial biome! We need this biome because it contains permafrost which scientist can use to learn about the climate. We as humans do many damage like cause deforestation, acid rain, and global warming. But we also help it in some ways, we recycle and send e-cards instead of paper cards. We can protect the Coniferous Forest by reusing and recycling products.

Food Web

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Interesting Facts

Did you know that fires are common? The fires help rid the area of old or sick trees!