Wolverine Wellness Update

Live Well, Work Well

Water Aerobics--START THIS WEEK!!

Splish, splash your way to a healthier you!

Join Amy Sell at the Arlington pool for an hour of water aerobics twice a week.

Start date: September 28th

  • Mondays & Thursdays
  • 4:00-5:00 p.m.
  • FREE to all SE employees
  • No class on Thursday, October 15th

*The first session will run for 6 weeks (ends November 5th)

"Profile" by Sanford

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 3:45-4pm

Gaylord Art Room

Profile is a weight management plan designed by Sanford Health Systems. Sibley East employees are eligible for a 50% discount off membership fees! A Profile representative will be here on Wednesday to answer questions and provide more information.

To learn more prior to the meeting, visit: https://www.profileplan.net/

31-Day Challenge

Be sure to sign up for October's "31-Day Challenge"!

Make progress towards your health goals while earning some great prizes! Email Amanda Pearson for more information or to sign-up.

Fitness with Fisher

Looking for fitness tips and tricks from a certified trainer? Amanda Fisher is here to the rescue!

All SE employees are invited to join Amanda Fisher from TM Wellness Revolution for a FREE six week session. The classes offered will focus on using your own body weight to become more physically fit. All fitness levels are welcome to attend, however, we especially want to encourage any beginners to come out and give Amanda's class a try!

Start date: Thursday, September 24th

  • Thursdays
  • 4:00-4:45p.m.
  • No class on Thursday, October 15th
  • Location: TM Wellness Revolution--> 306 5th Ave NW~Arlington

Support Groups

Click HERE to watch a brief video on how to join a wellness support group using the Google+ Community option.

We encourage you to use the platform to connect, communicate, and plan with other staff members that have the same wellness interests as you. It is what YOU make it!

Please email Amanda Feterl if you would still like to sign up for a group.

Token Program

Track your fitness efforts and earn rewards! It has never been easier!

30 mins. of physical activity = 1 token

It doesn't matter if you run, bike, walk, swim, canoe, or kick-box...all activities will be measured the same this year. Keep track on your personal calendar/planner, an app, or whatever method is convenient for you. At the end of each month, we will remind you to turn in your total token count. Simple, right?!

Reward levels are 25, 50, 75, and 100. Prizes are to be determined, but don't worry...they will be FABULOUS!