motivation poster

By: Angel Sartore

What is a motivation poster

A motivation poster is were you make a poster that will motivate someone to do something.

To make a motivation poster

To make a motivation poster you have to find what you are going to put on it, is it going to be helpful quotes, a message or even a

step 1

Step 1, get a poster that is the right size you want, and whatever color you want.

step 2

Step 2, go online and find some quotes that helpful or that will speak to someone and they will get inspired.

step 3

Step 3, Now you will write the quotes on your poster and don't forget to write underneath who the quote was by.

step 4

Step 4, now you are ready to color and sharpie your poster, sharpie around the quotes you wrote and then color your poster.

final step

The final step, your almost done, now you can present your poster to whoever you want.