New Cult At Lake Highlands?

By: Kennah Foster

Are Students Willingly Becoming A Part Of A Cult?

54 Years ago started an organization unlike any other at Lake Highlands High School. A high kicking dancing drill team entered the walls and has stayed even till today, but many are starting to question the strict traditional group unlike ever before. The ways they always stick together and spend all that time together, has started to raise concern among their fellow classmates.

''When I first started to be a part of the group I never realized that it started to change the way I think in my daily life.'' says student Daisy Duke. She goes on to say later, ''I've found that every conversation I take part in somehow ends up discussing dill team in the end, it consumes my life inside and outside of school.'' Another student, Hannah Matthews, says this, "The Highsteppers have made me into a better person today than I ever was before. The other girls on the team are my best friends, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

The Highsteppers are held to the highest standard on the campus, this unique group of young ladies get to learn first hand the lessons of being responsible young women. The rules and traditions of the Highsteppers teach the girls and prepare them for what they will face in the adult world.

So although this club might be a sort of "cult" in some ways, but at least they are being cultivated to learn what the right way is, and how to carry themselves with pride and excellence.