The Inclined Elevator

The Escalator

What is it?

An escalator is a moving staircase and when it stops moving it becomes a normal staircase. It consists of individual steps moving on an inner and outer track and a handrail that moves with the steps because that is more convenient than a non-moving hand-rail. The steps and the hand-rail are powered by a motor.

It has evolved since the first one. It is running more smoothly and there are less injures when riding on it. It has become quieter and can be placed between 2nd and 3rd stories. Plus manufacturing has become quicker. Some things humans would have to do are being replaced by robots.

How It Came About

Before the first escalator was introduced by Jesse Reno in 1896 as a ride in Coney Island, there were other people with this idea, but they didn't put their ideas into actions. The name "escalator" came around when Charles D. Seeberger combined "scala" which is Latin for steps and the already out there idea the "elevator". There were ideas for escalators which included getting on sideways and jumping on and jumping off.
How It's Made Escalators