MTSS in TSD - Weekly Wednesday News

2022-2023 Series - Volume 20 (January 18, 2023)

This is our twentieth edition this year!

We use this newsletter to make connections regarding the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in the Thompson School District (TSD).

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A Celebration!

Monday's MLK "Strength through Justice" Community
Celebration at MVHS included music, featured speakers,
and student (art and writing) contest

winner presentations.

It was a great tribute to the iconic leader, and everyone who
contributed made the evening very special!'s everything we do!

It is a short school week this week, with Monday's closure, dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the district closure on Wednesday for inclement weather. Even during this short week, we can see the Thompson Educational Expectations (TEE) in all the learning in TSD! And in this newsletter, you have options to investigate diverse topics and ideas - that all relate to TEE and live within the MTSS framework.

Quotation: "Perhaps the most significant goal of trauma-informed care and healing-centered engagement is simply acknowledging trauma. It is common and yet often unrecognized or buried. Recognizing trauma and how it connects to what we are experiencing enables us to respond and move forward." from Brookes Publishing, citation: From the Art and Practice of Home Visiting, Second Edition, by Ruth E. Cook and Shirley N. Sparks

PBIS Implementation

Access this downloadable resource from the national PBIS Center. It is a Practice Brief (published today) that describes "what PBIS is", recent research findings, and these important key takeaways:

  1. Multiple rigorous studies show that PBIS can improve a range of student outcomes.
  2. Tier 1 PBIS can be most effective for the students who need it most.
  3. Don’t expect PBIS to improve academic achievement without a focus on improving the quality of academic instruction.
  4. Supporting teachers’ implementation of classroom PBIS practices is critical for improving student outcomes.
  5. Establishing district capacity may be necessary for sustainable improvement in outcomes.


Big picture

(Credit for slide image above: Tiago Baltazar,

Articles for Educators

Recently-published edutopia articles for you to consider:


Reading Strategies infographic with columns for before, during, and after reading
Title Reads: Why it is so difficult to change systems. There is a Blue tree with branches shown above ground that say Linear Approaches and What we see and two people holding the trunk of the tree. The underground roots have an arrow pointing to them that says Complex Reality and various words next to roots; they are: Incentives, Apathy. Power Dynamics, History, Poverty, Sunk Costs, Regulation, Bureaucracy, Contracts, Mental Models, Organizational Politics, Risk Aversion, Physical Context, Corruption, Design, Poverty, Habits, Contract Locking, Cultural Context, and Money

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