Afghanistan Refugees

Why they came to Georgia ....

Afghanistan Refugee Statistics

2004: 39

2005: 75

2006: 46

2007: 16

2008: 25

2009: 21

2010: 63

2011: 29

2012: 41

2013: 12

2014: 51

2015: 27

Where they fled too...

The refugees came from Afghanistan and fled to Clarkston, GA. Once they arrived they had to learn the language and the proper background of the U.S.A. that any U.S. citizen should know. Like who was the first president, what state and city they live in, and have an education. 683,000 people were internally displaced. They are fleeing due to the Afghanistan War and the war on terror, like the Taliban. The terrorists have caused an intense amount of fear within the country of Afghanistan. Economicaly :Refugees are a a liability because we have to pay for there food stamps and apartments with our tax money. They could possibly be an asset because they could work on peoples yards while the other people go to work. Socially: Liability because the refugees speak different languages than the residents of Georgia. Politically: asset because they could bring in different cultures, lifestyles and new things that could improve Georgia.