Life Itself

My Life

I Do What I Do

I come to school every weekday that we have it, right after school i work at the High Blue Wellness Center (Community Center). After I'm done working i usually go workout for a few hours then go home and get cleaned up and eat supper. After i eat supper i go to bed to start it all over again.

On the weekends I usually work and/or workout then for the rest of the night I Go hangout with people, or be lazy and watch netflix.

(Winter Break) Schools out

My Winter Break

For my Winter Break I slept in till about 11:00 everymorning. I worked and workedout alot, then spent the rest of my time with friends and familey. For Christmas i did mine at my house, then went to my Gandparents house, then to my Girlfirnds, then I went to my Dads.

After that long day I Partied, This party was Amazing. The party went on till 9am, and so i slept for most of the next day.

For my New Years eve, i went to another party. This party wasnt as good, and we didnt stay out all night. We finally rolled up at my house about 4am and then stayed up the rest of the night. Oh and the "We" in this consisted of My girlfriend, brother, 2 of my friends and I. So that was my break.