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Feeling thankful this month for all of our wonderful volunteers! Thanks to you, we've been able to support St. Francis House by collecting school supplies, resume Eucharistic ministry to some of our homebound parishioners, and continue feeding the hungry in our community. As the pandemic continues, please take a look at the mental health resources included in this month's newsletter. Take care!


Food Bank

Neighbors served - 241

Households served - 83

Summer Food Program

Children served - 61

Families served – 22


Rent Assistance - 17

Utilities Assistance - 8

Why do you support All Saints Community Services?

“I think back to my childhood where we didn’t have much. We were pretty poor. I thought to myself if there was ever a way for me to reach out and help make someone’s life easier than I would want to do that. It’s what we are called to do. I don’t know how we can not do it. I gain from it more than I ever give. What I do makes such a small difference to someone, but it makes a huge difference to me.” - Susan Clary, Member of Servants of St. Teresa

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial difficulties, please call our office at 253-848-2000.

Free Firewood!

We have access to fairly dry cut, split and stacked cord wood. We even have someone to help load it. If you know of anyone needing wood for heat, please call Nancy at 253-350-4360.

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Model of Mercy

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Image: Stained glass in Our Lady of Czestochowa Grotto (Sorrowful Mother Shrine) | photo by Nheyob

Pastoral Care

Mental Health

Self-Care During the Pandemic

Facing Anxiety and Stress

Problem: We are all experiencing a collective trauma. There is so much unknown economically, socially, health wise that people are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. We are either more anxiety prone or depressive prone.

Focus Areas of Support for Anxiety

1. Excessive worries more days than not, consistent insomnia, intrusive fears, ongoing feelings on impending doom, occurrence of panic attacks, consistently keyed up or agitated, recurrent thoughts of death.

2. Access social support (contact your people everyday)

3. Limit intake of news media (once a day or week for same scheduled time) – wasted time, major distraction/focus, and anxiety

4. Create a “protect your peace plan” (example: nap, bath, comforting book, poems, peaceful music, bake, disengage from social media)

5. Increase self-care activities

6. Exercise: super helpful

7. Implement a healthy sleep routine (effects adrenaline in body): lights out same time every night, out of bed same time every morning

8. Seek professional help when necessary (Counselor/Doctor)

(Source: "Self-Care During the Pandemic" by Emily De La Torre, a nationally board-certified, licensed Catholic mental health counselor, who specializes in marriage and family therapy. Read more at "Life's Challenges During a Pandemic")

Find more resources for Self Care here.

Crisis Connections

Crisis Connections, formerly known as Crisis Clinic, was founded in 1964. We are one of the oldest Crisis Lines in the nation, and home to five programs focused on serving the emotional and physical needs of individuals across Washington State. These programs include the 24-Hour Crisis Line, King County 2-1-1, Teen Link, WA Recovery Help Line and WA Warm Line.

The Three “C”s for Supporting Individuals When They are Distressed

Some individuals are “sensitive,” “out of sync” or “explosive” – all words used to describe young people who are easily overwhelmed. These children especially benefit from loving support when they are distressed.

Click on the link to read more from this article by Diane T. Goyette.

Area Volunteer Opportunities

Eucharistic Visits to the Homebound

Eucharistic Visits to the homebound resumed this month with COVID precautions in place.

If you are interested in volunteering in this rewarding ministry, please contact Morningstar at

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All Saints Delivery Food Bank

Drivers needed for afternoon and evening shifts. Some heavy lifting and a background check are required. Contact Morningstar for more information

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St. Francis House

We have several volunteer openings. If you have the time and would like to join our fantastic group of volunteers, please email us at

Client Intake Specialist/Friday 6:15-8:00 PM - Complete our Friday team of 3. Our client intake specialists conduct new client registration and annual client renewal interviews. They are a client’s first impression of St. Francis House and their ongoing touchstone. Most clients remember who registered them and who has conducted their renewals. You’ll often hear clients saying “Hi!” to their intake specialist by name. We train and shadow until the new volunteer is comfortable to go solo.

Access Database Troubleshooter-Creator/As Needed - We are looking for an additional volunteer with Access database knowledge to help out on an on-call basis. This person will work with our current volunteer database creator and Laura, our Director of Programs .

Receptionist/Monday 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM - Our receptionists answers the phone, direct calls and takes messages, greets and directs visitors, and assists with administrative projects.

Receptionist/Tuesday 10:00 AM-1:00 PM - Same duties as Monday.

Global Solidarity

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Aid Needed in Lebanon

Hosting over 1 million Syrian refugees while battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon is already suffering from an economic and a healthcare crisis. On August 4, a massive explosion rocked the city, injuring more than 5,000 and killing at least 137. Officials are still evacuating residents, while trying to grasp the cost in human life and misery.

Along with Caritas Lebanon, Catholic Relief Services is distributing emergency supplies, clearing rubble, and preparing medical and mental health teams for dispatch. When you give, you provide critical and immediate relief to the most vulnerable: hot meals, safe shelter, medication, hygiene kits and clean water. Your gift also helps ensure that mobile medical units and trauma support are available for those who need it most. Your prayers and support are urgently needed. Please give generously and donate to help families affected by the explosion in Beirut. Visit for more information.
Broken Water Pump During a Pandemic