Hurricane Notes

Sept. 7-11, 2015

Hello Friends,

We've had a great two weeks and things are off to a good start. It’s nice to see learning targets and students engaged in learning in your rooms. Keep up the great job.This year I’ll be trying a new format for the weekly update. So if there is something that I'm missing, please let me know.

I will continue to remind you in advance of school events and meetings for the month ahead.

We continue to have challenges set ahead of us, but they can be met. Value and believe in what you do, support each other, and care deeply for these children that come through our doors daily. I look forward to seeing great things this year. Thank you for all you do.

Have a fantastic week.


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College Day!

Sept. 15th is our annual college night at NSHS. We want to expand college night to a District Wide College and Career Day. What this will look like this year is:

Ask all teachers and students dressed in College Shirts or an appropriate career of their choice outfit.

On that day Dr. Burns will be signing an agreement with the President of UNT for all top 20% of junior class to gain automatic admission to UNT. We are not sure of the time (more information to follow).

I know you might already have activities planned for college and career information for students for later in the year. If you do please do those activities on Sept. 15th and also later in the year (never too much).


  • *All targets: learning, vocabulary and language are to be posted in kid friendly language. I will be looking for all three next week.
  • *Lesson plans are due by 8am Monday mornings on the S-drive in the Lesson Plan folder.
  • If you haven't paid your Sunshine or PTA dues please do so as soon as possible. It's an expectation that all staff members help support our PTA, because they do so much for our students and us. JaiMat will take your PTA dues and your grade level rep., will take your Sunshine due.
  • PTA/ Parent Orientation/ In-and-Out Burger Night Sept. 15th starting at 5pm.

  • SNAP for new and at-risk students: Sept. 22nd &23rd.
    SNAP for all students: Oct. 20th &21st
  • Parent Conferences Oct. 22nd and 27th from 4-7pm. All classroom teachers, IF, CM, Enrichments teachers are required to attend.

  • Ellen will be at Rainwater next Wednesday, Sept. 9, at 3:00. Bring your class rosters, and you can set up your sessions and review how to work the MAP test, or learn if you are new to this.

    Charlotte will meet with Math/Science teachers briefly after this training to discuss Math Night. Gina and Holly will also be here to discuss using Google Forms for Curriculum Night. The Google Forms would be for teachers to have parents input their contact information.

    One last thing, when printing the weekly update, please print in black and white. It's expensive to print in color.

    Food for Thought

    End is not the end, in fact END is "Effort Never Dies." Likewise, if you get NO as an answer, just remember NO is "Next Opportunity", always think positive.