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Tropical Rainforest's

Welcome to the Amazon rainforest where you can find adventure or just relax. Enjoy hiking, zip lining, and so much more. So many species of plants and animals just waiting to be seen. While this place may be rainy, it's the perfect place for vacationing fun. Join us, here in the amazon for your perfect vacation today.

What to Expect

When visiting the amazon rainforest, you should expect warm humid weather. The temperature never drops below 60 Fahrenheit and averages about 78 Fahrenheit. Throughout the year, it rains 2000cm of water. If all the water came down at the same time, it would take 90 straight days of raining. It is never winter in the amazon rainforest so all year is a perfect time to come.

Fun things to do while visiting the Amazon.

Amazon River Cruise

When on our cruise, we will be going deep into the amazon rainforest, stopping at multiple areas, where we will be likely to see all sorts of animals and plants. On our voyage we will be keeping a close eye out for monkeys, birds, mammals of all kinds. And if you are lucky enough, you might see a grey, or even a pink, dolphin.

Night Walks

During the day, you might see monkeys, birds, other mammals, but nothing like you would see at night. At night you will hear the sound of bugs and frogs, creating a harmony that you will not hear elsewhere. When out on a night walk, a guide will be there, showing you the way to all the best places, answering any questions, and pointing out interesting animals.

Zip lining

Zip lining is big in the amazon rainforest. There are many locations throughout the forest that allow you to zip line, which lets you see the forest from a different perspective. You might be able to see animals that from down on the ground, or from the river, you cannot see.

Hiking Trails

The diversity of the plants and animals of the amazon rainforest can make searching for wildlife an adventure within itself. When you are out hiking, you will be able to get a guide, who knows the lands well, in which they will be able to navigate you through to show all of the must see places, and all of the wildlife that the forest has to offer.

What's recomended to bring

The following items are what we recommend you to bring on your trip:


  • Tennis Shoes
  • Bug spray
  • Hiking Boots
  • Hat
  • Raincoat & Umbrella
  • Shorts & Short sleeve shirts


One thing you are more than likely to see along your journey through the amazon rainforest is a buttress root. Buttress roots may just look like any other type of roots growing from a tree, but instead of being below ground, they can grow up to 30 feet above ground, and expand 30 meters above the soil, and another 30 below. Since most trees in the area grow in shallow soil, the buttress roots help them stay upright, growing the most on the side of the tree where there canopy is least weighted. Sometimes buttress roots from many trees coil together, forming a mesh of roots. They also gather nutrients from the soil, gaining more nutrients with the wider span of roots.

Anaconda snakes

When walking through the amazon rainforest, you might come across a anaconda snake. These snakes are known for their size, averaging about 20 feet long, making them very dangerous. They do not have a known predator, but we do know that they have many preys. They are one of the only animals not in danger in the rainforest. They are known to eat monkeys, crocodiles, other snakes, and many animals.