Russian, Irish and German Americans By: Bailee!!!!!!!

German Americans

German Americans brought us Christmas trees and hot dogs. I love to decorate the Christmas tree and eat hot dogs. They came to America because they could not feed their families and the war just ended. That is the German ethnic group.

Irish Americans

Irish brought us mashed potatoes and meat pot pies. They also brought St. Patrick's day. I eat mashed potatoes and pot pies. I celebrate St. Patrick's day too. England gained greater control of Ireland. They passed a law to get rid of religious freedom and Irish culture. That is the Irish ethnic group.

Russian Americans

Russian Americans brought colouring Easter eggs. I enjoy colouring Easter eggs. We still colour Easter eggs. Russians came to America because of the government took farms and businesses from the people who owned them. People lost freedoms, such as freedom of religion. People who spoke against the government were arrested and killed. That is the Russian Ethnic group.