January 17, 1993

During this time the Hawaiian monarchy was already on a steady decline all leading up to the illegal and immoral overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 which was impacted by the roles of Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland and President McKinley.

Historical Significance

The roles of President Grover Cleveland, Minister John L. Stevens, and President McKinley, the Hawaiian Islands were Illegally claimed as part of the United States of America. The long term significance of this happening is that now that it is a state, it technically should not be. The "state" of Hawaii should still be the Kingdom of Hawaii due to the nature of its acquisition. This means that there should be Native Hawaiians or citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom living here today in Hawaii where instead we have U.S. Citizens. It also impacted the state of the ruler of this land, instead of a king or queen we are under President Obama. What i challenge you, the reader, to take from this is that Hawaii becoming a part of the United States was due to an influx of foreigners and that it was illegally taken.


No. Hawaii is NOT legally and lawfully a state of the union. The Kingdom of Hawaii was taken with brute force and corrupted politics. With the threats from the U.S.S Boston to unleash a rain of lead upon 'Iolani Palace, to the occupation of 300 soldiers in Hawaii, and even the illegal imprisonment of the queen there is nothing but American strength being displayed. On the other end of the spectrum, the unjust treaties and unlawful annexation show that the power-struggle for the Hawaiian Islands was not only physical but also political as well. The problem with the term "Joint-Resolution" in this context is that there was no resolution being made by joint members. A Joint-Resolution must be mutual which it was not. The so called "Joint-Resolution" was just a loophole for the U.S. Government to acquire Hawaii in the most efficient way possible so that they have a strategic placement in the Spanish-American war. It isn't possible to just go waltzing around the world "claiming" already established countries and justifying it by declaring it yours through a "Joint-Resolution." If the Hawaiian Kingdom could match the sheer military power that the Union had then the "Joint-Resolution" would not have worked because it would not have been able to be enforced. The Hawaiian Kingdom was bullied into becoming a part of the Union much like places like Poland were during Hitlers reign of terror in WWII, except in Hawaii's case it was much more "political."


Below you will witness a picture of the actual petition sent in to President McKinley and the Senate that clearly states that Hawaii does not agree to the annexation. This goes to show how clearly it was that the U.S. did not regard the wishes of Hawaii or the citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii as well as their queen.
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