Impact of media images on people's health

Models are slowly getting thinner and thinner. Gone are the days of curvy women.

That girl on the front of your favourite magazine. She's beautiful, isn't she? So lovely and skinny. "I want to be just like her." you say. "The doctor says my weight is normal. but i want to be perfect."

So you stop eating junk food and go running every day. After a month you weigh yourself. You've barely lost anything at all. So you decide to go further. You stop eating breakfast and go running instead. After another month you still haven't lost very much.

"This is ridiculous." you say. "What more could I possibly do?"

Then you stop eating altogether. You spend all your free time at the gym and pretend you aren't hungry at dinner time. Your marks are falling, your weight is dropping.

But then, you start getting weak. You have no energy. You can't even be bothered getting out of bed in the mornings. "It's all going to be worth it." you tell yourself, but the truth is you are wasting away.

After two months of nothing but lettuce and protein shakes, your mother takes you to the doctor, where you are diagnosed with anorexia.