Da Bears

How the 85' bears became the greatest team of all time.

Whether it's the power running back Walter Payton, or the funky tactics used by quarterack, Jim McMahon, the 1985 Chicago Bears where loaded with talent. With former tight end of the Chicago bears Mike Ditka as the head coach, The Bears organization was molded into a massive football powerhouse that dominated teams throughout the 1985 season. The star players, who completely represented the attitude of the team, were Walter Payton and Jim McMahon. Payton, Known as "sweetness", trampled linebackers and rendered the opposing team helpless, as he formed a career where he held the record of the most all time rushing yards at the time of his retirement. With Payton's humble persona, McMahon represented his counterpart as the loud, and flashy character that fans seemed to love. McMahon is known for calling his own plays on the field, and stirring up disputes between him and Ditka in regards to play calling. But when it came to play, McMahon, Payton, and Ditka led the team into battle where they were mostly successful. Where they finished the regular season with a 15-1 record, and won Super Bowl XX, by demolishing the Patriots 46 to 10.