8th Grade Newsletter

January 25, 2019

Subject Specifics

Automation and Robotics - Eastep

Classes are completing their mechanism builds. They should be able to identify each drive gear or input versus output or driven gear, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of building one mechanism versus another. For example, They had to create two gear trains. One gear train was built for torque with 2:1 gear ratio and another for speed. Each build required them to identify the VEX parts by name and describe each mechanisms function.

ELA - McCarty

Info cards are due by the end of the day Monday. The MINIMUM to earn a "C" is 24 cards, 4 per argument. Any student who has not contributed proportionately will be placed on alternative assignment for the remainder of debates.

There will be a Saturday Study Session, tomorrow, Saturday, from 10 until noon. This is come and go, but please ensure that your child has a ride home promptly at noon. Feel free to come and work with your child. Ms. Cook and I will both be available. Drop off and pick up will be at the east door where buses load, near the trailers.

Next week, students will give mini-debates and begin rebuttals. Students will also email home their progress on 3rd quarter AR goals.

Social Studies - Marshall

The American Revolution Unit Test-Part 1 will be Monday 1/28. Part 1 of the Study Guide will also be due on 1/28. Part 2 of the American Revolution Unit Test will be on Tuesday 1/29. Part 2 of the Study Guide will also be due on 1/29. The Valley Forge DBQ will be due on Friday 2/1. Our next unit will cover how the United States established its government.

Math - Baskerville

This week we completed our work on Topic 3: Functions. Monday is a day for reviewing the topic concepts. We will begin our Post-Test of Topic 3: Functions. Wednesday will be our 4th Workout Wednesday; ask your students about their progress. Please continue to encourage your students to work on basic skills such as fraction operations, basic multiplication facts, and working with integers (positive and negative numbers). Our next unit will be Topic 1: Real Numbers.

Computers - Delaney

Eighth grade computers students are in the midst of learning about binary code and how to convert Base 10 to Base 2. They are LOVING it (at least some of them!)

Spanish - Grecco

This week we learned how to tell time in Spanish. We also began learning the four seasons and weather in Spanish. Ask us to tell you the time in Spanish and what the weather is like.

Science - Gunther

Our genetics and heredity unit concluded this week with the exploration of pedigree charts, selective breeding and genetic engineering. The students will test over all concepts within this unit on Monday, January 28. Students have completed a study guide and are encouraged to use this resource to assist them in preparing for the test.

Guidance and Counseling - Brandt/Richison

Character Warms the Heart Week February 11-14

February 11-14 is our Pirates ROCK "Character Warms the Heart" week, when we warm up with our good character with fun spirit week activities and collect items for our Treasure Chest resource center to help PCR-3 families in need. We'll be collecting Deodorant at Barry School. We also encourage you to kick off the week by attending the PCHS Pirates home basketball game on February 8 - Pirate fans will receive some Pirates ROCK giveaways!


ICAP plans need to be finished by February 1st!! If you have any questions, call or email Mrs. Brandt.

Big picture

MOSCA Presentation

MOCSA will be at Barry to present Consent in Relationships to 8th grade. They will be here on March 26th during 8th grade social studies classes. Any questions please contact Stephanie Richison-richisos@platteco.k12.mo.us or Becky Brandt-brandtr@platteco.k12.mo.us

Consent in Relationships: Students learn the definition of consent and the role boundaries play in healthy relationships. Laws, personal responsibility, and resource information are discussed.