My 2014-2015 School year

The year I started middle school

This year there were several changes in my life, Which include changes at school, interests and also how I spend my free time.

Changes at school

This school year was much different from last year, First this year was different because I went to 6 different classes instead of the 1 class that I was used too. Also the amount of teachers i have is much different then the amount from last year. Then there were over 2 times as many people at the school in only two different grades.
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My interests have changed a little too, I am now into certain sciences. i also like taking pictures and videos. There is many tv shows that i like now, such as doctor who. I no longer like history. I also love to write storys thanks to english class.
Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor is a Badass (Outdated)

How i spent my free time

I till somewhat spent my free time the same, like reading comics, playing video games, watching tv and movies. But I also went on bike rides, read comics made but other comics besides marvel and dc and I also played many new games. I started to study stuff about space.

How I spent my free time

I have read much more comics and watched more tv and movies. I also started to go on bike rides, plus i started to learn about space. I have been playing many new video and board games.


over this year I have had several changes, these changes include,changes at school, interests, and how I spend my free time. My life has definitely changed this year