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ND Roughrider Debate 2017-18

ND Roughrider Debate Details

The North Dakota Rough Rider NFL District Debate Qualifier will take place at the Ramada Inn (the old Baymont Suite and before that the old Doublewood) located at 3333 13th Avenue South in Fargo (on the east side of I-29 at the West Acres exit) on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018.

Attached to the email are the registration materials you need to participate. Please complete and have them in my hands (Gayle Hyde, Fargo South High School, , Fargo ND 58103) by Monday, Jan. 22 at 5:00 p.m. We need to plan the needs of the hotel site regarding meals and competition spaces. All fees are finalized at that time.

You can attach the registration materials to an email. Bring your “green sheet” (official form) to the NFL tournament.

Registrations not received by January 22 could be subject to late fees of $5/day or $5/student entered (whichever is less). Registrations not submitted by the deadline, may not be allowed in the tournament.

Fees may be paid in advance or at registration on Feb. 1. For your convenience, I have attached PDF files for the “green sheet” and the “letter of intent” which you can prepare at your computer and printed for signatures. If you do not have Adobe Professional, you will not be able to save a copy of the form once completed, but you should be able to print it.

NSDA rules will be followed. Be sure to read carefully the evidence rules. Coaches are encouraged to read the rules in the District Manual and seek clarification before the contest begins. Electronic Devices will be allowed but as per NFL rules, wireless must be off when IN ROUND.

The following schedule will guide our activity at the tournament:

The district committee will be working at the Doublewood on Wed. evening preparing for the event. Please call Gayle’s cell phone (7018660148) on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, if you know that you will have an issue on Thursday.

7:15 Registration (Coaches report to the tab room)

7:45 a.m. Brief Coaches’ Meeting

8:00 a.m. Judges’ Meeting and schedules released

8:15 a.m. Round I begins

Awards tentatively set for 9 PM. It will depend on entries and eliminations.

Fees for the Tournament include Lunch on Thursday. Dinner is available for purchase.

Registration includes the Thursday noon at the Baymont. We receive all of our competition rooms for no cost (they rent from 200.00 / room and up per 1/2 day) and we have few rooms staying at the hotel. If we want them to continue to honor our arrangement for free competition rooms, we need to have a meal.

An evening meal is available for purchase for students still in competition. Please add 20.00/student to the registration and indicate on the registration form the number of evening meals you want for students/observers.

Coaches and judges receive lunch and dinner as part of the $35.00 coach/judge registration cost payable at registration. A hospitality area with food and beverages will be provided for coaches and school judges throughout the tournament. There will be no concessions run through the tournament.

Due to the nature of the tournament, while students are not required to be present after they have been eliminated from the competition, coaches and judges are required to be present throughout the tournament to serve as adjudicators, as needed.

There will be no official waiting area for students so in-town schools may want to book a room. If you need assistance with this, contact Sue Anderson.
Please see the specific fees for the tournament on the registration form attached to the email accompanying this newsletter.


1. Send in NSDA points so that the National Office has them ONLINE by January 24. Number of entries is based upon chapter strength. Chapter strength will be determined on the morning of January 25th. You can check your chapter status online at speechanddebate.org. Remember that two-person teams count as only one entry.

2. Membership will be verified on-line by the District Committee prior to the start of the tournament. Only students who are members 7 days prior to the contest may compete.
3. Please include your district dues payment for debate (50.00 per chapter) and entry fees to the tournament. You can mail them to Sue Anderson. Please use the invoice accompanying this letter as your bill. Schools are not allowed to enter the competition unless all national accounts and district bills are paid in full.

4. Please be prepared to cover any outstanding balance your school may have with the national office. Contact Sue Anderson if you have questions about this.

Entry determined by members/degrees online

Remember the entry allowance includes both speech and debate. For example, if you are allowed 10 entries and use 8 in debate, you have 2 remaining for speech. Remember however that the final entry number is not decided until 7 days before the speech tournament. You can continue to increase your chapter strength to allow for more entries at speech. PF and Duo teams count as 1 entry.


Single Letter of Intent

A copy of the NFL National Tournament Single Entry Letter of Intent is available online at www.speechanddebate.org. It is also attached to the email you received with registration materials.

Students entered in policy debate or public forum debate must still complete this letter. Since if they qualify in a team event, they MUST compete in the team event at the National Tournament unless BOTH have qualified in a single event and CHOOSE that as their main event. The student congress qualification would move to an alternate. IF BOTH TEAMMATES ARE QUALIFIED IN STUDENT CONGRESS OR ARE ALTERNATES IN STUDENT CONGRESS, THEN THEY MUST COMPLETE THE LETTER OF INTENT WITH REGARD TO DEBATE AND STUDENT CONGRESS.

The letters will remain confidential and the contents revealed only if the student qualifies. The letter must be submitted at the tournament where a conflict could arise, so only contestants already qualified or on the alternate list for congress need to submit this at the debate tournament.

Congratulations to our District Congress Qualifiers

The NFL District Congress was held November 3-4, 2017 in Mandan. The following are the results from the event.

Senate Results

Isaac Spanjer - Fargo North - Q - Prequaled LD - Chose LD

Trevor Weiland - Red River - Q

Rylee Lindemann - Fargo Davies - Q

Juliet Geffre - Shanley - 1st Alt

Crystal Deng - Sheyenne - 2nd Alt

Cole Carazzo - RTHS - 3rd Alt

Nidhi Mahale - Fargo Davies - 4th Alt

Martha Denton - Fargo North - 5th Alt

Raini Endicott - Fargo South - 6th Alt

Madison Barndt - Dickinson - 7th Alt

House Results

Dyuti Dawn - Fargo Davies - Q

Saige Thurlow - Fargo Davies - Q

Page Schoer - Fargo Davies - 1st Alt

Ishika Gupta - Fargo Davies - 2nd Alt

Josh Gronneberg - Fargo Davies - 3rd Alt

Kyler Smith - Dickinson - 4th Alt

Kristie Qui - Fargo North - 5th Alt

Skye Wilkes - RTHS - 6th Alt

Dylan Lee - Fargo Davies - 7th Alt