Civil War Book Club Project

By: Mason Ammerman-Strand

How The Gettysburg Websites and Slopes Of War Are Alike

Both the book Slopes of War by N.A. Perez and the Gettysburg websites show the same positions held by the Union and Confederate sides. The websites and Slopes of War have the same positions held by General George Meade and General Robert E. Lee during the 3 day battle of Gettysburg. The websites made it clear when the first shots were fired and the book implies that the shots were fired in the early morning although it is not very clear exactly when. The Slopes of War had the same positions of the Union and Confederate blockades as the Gettysburg websites. Also, they both have the same plot points.

How The Gettysburg Websites And Slopes Of War Are Different

The Gettysburg websites and Slopes Of War have a few differences. The website states that the battles move at least a few hours before the book says they move. The Slopes Of War does not show the campsites of the Union and Confederates, but the Gettysburg websites tell where the campsites were. The website states that on day one the Union was on Culps Hill, Cemetery Hill and Cemetery Ridge, but the book states they were by McPherson Ridge and Oak Hill.