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5th Grade News - January 8th, 2016

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*Conley 2015-2016 Yearbooks are on sale - now through January (exact date TBD). Orders are ONLINE ONLY, no checks or cash will be accepted. Flyers were sent home Monday, or see the link on my Parent Haiku page for details on how to order. Cost is $15.

*No School on Monday, January 18th (Martin Luther King Day)

Literacy - by Peyton

Hello my name is Peyton and I’m back AGAIN! Today I’m going to talk to you about literacy so grab some popcorn and keep reading!! On Monday we didn’t do much we did some review and we were learning about past, present, and future verbs!( P.S. that’s what we are learning about this week in class for literacy! )On Tuesday we did Daily Five as per usual, also we got a Verbs worksheet. On Wednesday we got Vocab Slides and Fix-Its.On Thursday we had to do a Kidblog Post and comp questions! Well that’s all the for today hope to see ya next time I’m here!! ByEE!

Art - by Jack

Hi, my name is jack and I will be telling you about art! on wednesday we got to choose if we want to make camelion, or snake on a branch. I chose to make a snake. First we had to draw it in pencil and then we get to outline it in sharpie. That is what we did in art this week. See you next time!

PE - by Dianna

Hey It’s me again Dianna !!! I’m gonna be going to talk about gym.On Monday we did a little warm up with a country dance.Then we watch Mr.Lebar and his wife swing dance like a professional. On Tuesday we tried doing the foot movements before we do it with our partner. On Wednesday we first got a partner and did a little dance with him\her we did the same thing over and over to get use to it.On Thursday we started rotating and and having the boys spin the girls and the girls close their eyes and and the boys go forward and backwards so the girls feel if they had to go forward or backward.That’s my short story of what we did in gym this week Hope to see you soon.BYE

Math - by Angelo

Hello, my name is Angelo and I will tell you about math this week. On Monday, we made models for rounding numbers. On Tuesday, we did our personal measures. If you don’t understand what that means, here is all of the personal measures possible: finger width, palm length, joint length, finger stretch, great span, cubit, fathom, and natural yard. on Wednesday, we measured all of our great spans and used the data to fill in these landmarks: minimum, maximum, mode, and median. On thursday, we did mystery plots. We had to determine which set of data goes to which line plot. Welp, that’s all I have to tell you.

See ya! (◠﹏◠)

Request for Girls on the Run Coaches

Would you be interested in helping to build the confidence of the young girls at Conley and have fun doing this? If so, you need to consider becoming a coach for Girls on the Run. Being a coach is easy, rewarding, and you don't have to run! Check out the website to learn more information about this great program!



Have a fantastic weekend!


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