Sir Bedivere

by Shelby Mulford

History of Birth and Death

  • Among first knights of round table
  • Made Duke of Neustria
  • Present at last battle (Battle of Camlan)
  • Killed in Roman Campaign

Drawing by- Penelope Jadewing

Life Details

  • Among first knights of round table
  • Helped fight Giant of Mont St. Michel
  • Made Duke of Neustria
  • Lost one of his hands in battle
  • Given the command of Arthur to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake
Painting by Évrard d'Espinques

Books Including the Character

  • Thomas Bulfinch
King Arthur and His Knights(Morte d' Arthur)

  • Sir Thomas Malory
Le Morte Darthur

Sir Bedivere Decent

Known in Welsh as Bedwyr or Bedrydant, Sir Bedivere was used from a handsome warrior in the Welsh community.

  • Father is Bedrawt
  • Daughter is Enefog
  • Son is Amren
Sketch by Helen Jacobs

Modern books ft. Sir Bedivere

A Bibliography of Modern Arthuriana (1500-2000)

By Ann F. Howey, Stephen Ray Reimer