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March 2018

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Indian Mound Middle School

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March Highlights From Mr. Tarnutzer

I just love March. In addition to the weather, we have many exciting events planned that highlight the amazing talents of our students. Of course, this year is different as we also have the beautiful addition taking shape. The carpet is being installed as I type this! Here are a few of the highlighted activities for this month:

March 1: Youth Art Month Reception, E.D. Locke Public Library, 5:30 p.m.

March 2: Student of the Month Assembly, with the Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

March 7: Spring Sports (Track) Registration Night, 6 p.m., IMMS Cafeteria

March 8: Orchestra Concert grades 6-8, 7 p.m., MHS Auditorium

Week of March 12: School safety drill

March 13: IMMS Choir Concert, 7 p.m., MHS Auditorium

March 22: IMMS Talent Show, approximately 8 to 10 a.m., IMMS Gym

March 23-April 2: Spring Break

Youth Art Month

If you missed the reception at McFarland’s E.D. Locke Public Library on March 1, please stop by the Library all month to see the amazing artwork. There is also artwork displayed at the McFarland House Café as part of a memory project conducted by the art club.

Music to Our Ears:

A highlight of March is the many musical performances that we be held, including Choir and Orchestra concerts. The evening concerts are held at the High School Auditorium, which brings better sound and parking, as well as more comfortable seats. Admission is free ☺ In addition, music is provided at the Youth Art Month Celebration on March 1.

Talent Show:

One of the highlights of the entire school year is the IMMS Talent Show where students and staff have a chance to share their talents with the entire school. Visitors are welcome to join us during the morning of March 22 as you never know what you might see. Past events have included musical performances, dancing, joke telling, and even some juggling. You are also guaranteed to see a staff member or twelve share a hidden talent that amazes and surprises the students.

Spring Break:

The month ends with Spring Break. To be honest, we are more focused on the Spring part of Spring Break as we are ready for some lasting sunshine and heat.

We hope to see you at some of these events. We also hope that by providing you with this information you can avoid the developmentally appropriate, yet frustrating, lack of response you receive to the “How is school?” question.

Thank your for your involvement in your child’s education!

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Student of the Month - February

Each month we recognize students for their hard work, dedication, leadership and character. Students should exemplify the A.R.R.E. (Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Empathy) model in addition to showing compassion, being loyal and trustworthy.

The Students recognized for the month of January are as follows:

6th Grade: Brock Spiegel, Veva Riddle, Sophia DeVos, Kaden Meinholdt,

Myles Hogan, Nikola Dabetic, Payton Henes, Nadia Schwedrsky and Westin Fisher.

7th Grade: Blake Enszer, Natalie Schwaaf, Bailee Judd, Brooke Punzel,

Trent Nesbitt, Annelise Gerbig, Tyler Everix, Evelyn Smith and Mia Drewes.

8th Grade: Rory Tierney-Osterloth, Rachel Coffey, Elise Gillen, Spencer Shropshire, Ashlee Urbach, Jack O'Connor, Gabe Lee, Aaron Landphier, Morgan Sommers and Robert Rinehart-Spatola.

McFarland Youth Center Award: Sarah Cooley

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American Legion Honorable Mentions and Awards - April 13th

The American Legion honorable mentions and awards will be presented to the 8th grade students who participated in the essay writing contest at the April 13th afternoon Student of the Month assembly. In order to be considered for the award, nominated 8th grade students were invited to write an essay about how they live the tenets of the American Legion; Courage, Honor, Leadership, Patriotism, Scholarship, and Service. Once the students' names were blocked out on the essays, a panel of judges from the middle school and American Legion read and scored them. While all student participants receive honorable mention certificates, the girl and boy who score the highest receive the American Legion award. All families are welcome to come recognize and celebrate the student nominees on April 13th. The families of the American Legion award winners will be notified by Mr. Kramer (phone) one week prior to the assembly. This year's essays were excellent and McFarland is fortunate to have such awesome, grounded, and engaged students. Win or not, all the student nominees should feel extremely proud of their efforts.

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Grade Track Meets

IMMS Track Meets will be held on May 8th (6th grade), May 9th (7th grade), and May 10th (8th grade). This event will run from 8:30AM through 12:30PM. We need volunteer timers and field event workers. Volunteers will need to meet on the track at 8:30AM. Stay tuned for volunteer sign up.
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Food Club Update

Our food club has completed it's meetings for the year! We have a recipe ready to enter in the Whipping Up Wellness contest called Veggie Explosion. Our group name if the Hangry Chefs. The last few weeks was spent making the same recipe over and over with a few changes each time to get what we thought was the best flavor and texture. Some of the paperwork still has to be completed and then we will send the entry off to the DPI (Department of Instruction). Thank you to the parents and guardians that helped support our club!
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Free Breakfast for National School Breakfast Week

We all know that eating breakfast is an important way to start you day! We want every McFarland student to begin their day ready to learn, and that happens when you fuel your body right first thing in the morning. So in celebration of National School Breakfast Week, the Nutrition Department will be offering free breakfast for all!

The schedule is as follows:

Free breakfast for 6th graders on Tuesday March 6th

Free breakfast for 7th graders on Wednesday March 7th

Free breakfast for 8th graders on Thursday March 8th

New!!!! Meal Viewer App

McFarland School Nutrition Department is excited to announce a new form of communication for our menus with our new MealViewer app and online platform. We have installed a new MealViewer mobile app and web-viewer which is a major technology upgrade to bring our school in the Digital Age where school nutrition is concerned. This technological mobile app and web-viewer have the capacity to display the menus along with nutritional and allergen information for items served for breakfast and lunch. This new feature will also be an additional communication piece between meals and offering opportunities to display school announcements and events, and more. Below is a link to our “Introduction to MealViewer ” video which is a video that will help better explain exactly what MealViewer is and how useful it will be for you! There is also a video on how to use the mobile app.

Click here for the MealViewer Introductory Video.

Click here for the MealViewer User Guide.

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First Bell - 8:03pm

Tardy Bell - 8:10pm

Dismissal Bell: 3:34pm

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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.


There will be a sale consisting of clothes (Preemie-Teen/Junior), toys, books, puzzles, games, kids’ kitchen/bedding/bath, DVDs, crafts, shoes, nursing items, diapering, outerwear, sports equipment & apparel, maternity clothes and much more.

**NOTHING IS PRICED — Take what you need/want, pay what you can**

Friday, March 16 (10am-7pm)

Saturday, March 17 (8am-11am)

@ McFarland UCC church

5710 Anthony Street, McFarland

All items are FREE (nothing is priced) with encouraged monetary donation of choice from customers. 100% of proceeds will be given to customers’ choice of three non-profit organizations in the Madison area.

PREEMIE-TEEN ITEMS! Clothes (Preemie-Teen/Junior), Toys, Books, Puzzles, Games, Kids’ Kitchen/Bedding/Bath, DVDs, Crafts, Shoes, Nursing Items, Diapering, Outerwear, Sports Equipment & Apparel, Maternity Clothes and MUCH MORE!

**See event details for more info**

NEW THIS YEAR: Volunteer for 4+ hours setting up and you'll get to shop early on Thursday before the sale officially begins on Friday! Message for more info!

IMMS and McFarland Youth Center Hosting Shared Table on March 8th

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