Nicotine in High School Students

By: Aaron and Trevor

Tobacco use in High school athletes

High school athletes tend to use smokeless tobacco or chew more than regular cigarettes or e cigarettes. in 2001 to 2003 the use of smokeless tobacco increased from 10% to 11.1% in athletes.High school students who play at least one sport are 40% less likely become smokers

How tobacco can effect athletes

If athletes use any type of tobacco it decreases there chances of moving forward in that sport. From using tobacco while playing sports can make you breath heavy when you run or play sports. Athletes who smoke have shortness of breath 3 times more than people who don't smoke. In sports like

How much kids/Adults use tobacco in Iowa

In Iowa 19.5% of adults use tobacco. Also 18.1% of high school students smoke or use tobacco . there are 55,000 kids that will die prematurely from smoking. Out of 30,700 high school smokers 6.2 million packs are sold each year.