7 facts about meds

kara dunn


HAART stand for " highly active antiviral retroviral therapy. they use this to fight HIV and AIDS and increase life time survival anywhere from 4-12 years

the advancement of prothetic limbs

People made the limbs to where they can replace the limbs. They can work like the persons tendons, muscles, and mimic natural human body functions

telecommunications for doctors

they use this so there will be less hospitalizations and er visits and have cut them down by over 50%.

minimally invasive robo surgeries

they leave only small scars and are more accurate than human surgeries
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artificial hearts

the hearts keeps them healthy while there other hearts were bad with heart disease.
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the combining of a CT scan and an MRI

you will have an 3d picture of what is wrong. and they get an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong

the digital files

the doctors now use digital records so they don't have to waste paper more than needed