Beauty and the Beast

"There may be something there that wasn't there before..."

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Turned hideous by an enchantress, the arrogant prince has to love and be loved before he can return to his normal self hopefully with a change of heart. The wild spirited and stubborn village girl Belle, goes into the enchanted mansion after finding out the beast had locked up her father. Despite her protests, the beast locks her up and him and the enchanted house apliences, that used to be the servants, treat her like a queen trying to win her love. After a while, the villagers plan an attack on the beasts mansion, all the while not knowing that Belle is secretly falling for the beast and the beast is falling for her. The beast asks to dance with Belle and she agrees and the have a magical night an then the villagers come with weapons. They strike down the beast and before he dies he tells Belle he loves her and Belle answers honestly... "I love you too." With the spell broken he turrns into the handsome prince he once was with Belle as his bride.
Beauty and the Beast - Original Release Trailer (1991)