How Football Works

By: Trevor Atwell

The Offense And Defense

The offense tries to make it all the way down the field and score a touch down. On the offense there are different positions. The quarter back throws the ball to the wide receivers or the tight ends or he hands the ball to the running back. The running back does all he can to run and score a touch down. The wide receiver and the tight ends jobs are to catch and block. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring. There are different positions but they all have one goal. That goal is to tackle the person that has the ball. The defensive end's job is to cover the wide receiver. There are also line backer and there the people that are behind the line they play zone and are assigned to different positions. Same for the safety they make sure that nothing gets behind them and cover any uncovered men.The goal for the defensive line is to break through the offensive line who are trying to block them and tackle the quarter back or who ever has the ball.

The Officiating And Scoring System

The scoring system goes like this. When the offense scores a touch down they get six points and then they have the option for a PAT or a two point conversion. A safety which is when the defense tackles the offense in the offense's end zone the defense scores two points. A field goal gives you three points and its when the kicker kicks the ball through the up rights. The officiating system goes like this. There are four quarters and fighteen minutes in one quarter. If the two teams have the same amount of points at the end of the four quarters it goes into over time overtime. Over time is one more quarter to determine the winner the first team to score a touch down wins but if they kick a field goal it goes on and gives the other team a chance to tie it or score a touch down. At the beginning of the game they do a coin toss its where the official or ref flips a coin and the visiting team has to call heads or tails if there right they can choose to differ to the second half or take the ball. When someone scores or the game begins theres a kickoff. Penalties are when the team breaks a rule. For an example false start is when the offense jumps over the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. The same for the defense its called neutral zone infraction. But there are also a lot of other penalties.