5B Newsletter - 1/2013

A newsletter of class 5B in 34 Nicholas Copernicus School

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce that we have started issuing our regular 5B Newsletter, in which we will let you know about our class and school news. The first issue is dedicated to the first term of 2012/2013 school year.

School year begins

On September 1st school starts in Poland. On September 3rd 2012 (because September 1st was a Saturday) we all came back after summer holidays. First we met in the classroom with our class teacher, then we went to the gym for the ceremony. The Head Teacher delivered a speech. the school choir sang and class 5C held a really funny performance.

Boys' Day Party

September 30th is the Boys' Day in Poland. As it was Sunday, we celebrated on Monday, 1st October. In the morning, girls prepared small class events for their boys - quizzes, games, cards and small gifts. In the afternoon, there was a school disco.


We like taking part in competitions. There are a lot of them to choose from. Some are just for our school, some - for the whole city, and some even for the whole region. In October three boys from our class took part in a city competition about Scandinavian countries - and they took the first (Piotrek), second (Patryk) and fourth (Marcin) places! Congratulations!


Our class like going to the cinema and we try to go at least once a month. Not all children go, but we there's always a group of about ten who like spending Friday afternoons watching a film together.

St. Andrew's Night

On November 30th we had a celebration of St. Andrew's Night. First, there was a fortune-telling session. Some pupils prepared fun activities for everyone to take part and see what their future held for them. These games included guessing future spouses' names, future jobs, anything to deal with things yet to come. The most popular fortune-telling game was pouring melted wax onto cold water through a keyhole. Later, you had to take the shape and look at its shadow on the wall (when watched at candlight of course) - the shadow held an important piece of information about your future! After this, there was a disco, which everyone enjoyed a lot.

St. Nicholas Day

On 6th December 2012 Swięty Mikolaj (Saint Nicholas) came to our class. He brought a bag filled with presents and everyone was really happy! Even the naughtiest pupils received their gifts.

A Christmas party

On 21st December the whole school held annual Christmas celebrations. First, our class invited class 2a for our own class Nativity Play that we prepared all by ourselves.
Then, we all shared with a wafer. It's a Polish tradition that no Christmas celebrations can begin without. The idea is simple - you take your wafer, walk aorund to all the people you celebrate with, wish them all the best for Christmas and the New Year, break a piece of their wafer and eat it while they break and eat a piece of yours.
Next, we sat down to a table, sang Christmas carols and ate different delicacies, some of which were made by ourselves or by our mums. Everyone brought something and we shared all the food and drink.
Finally, there was a Nativity Play presented at the gym by class 4a for the whole school community. And after that - we went home to start celebrating Christmas time with our families.


In January there were carnival balls at school. It was not obligatory to dress up, but a lot of people did, as Marta here:)
This year the Carnival theme was knights, princes and princesses, as we are now working on the second year of a Comenius multilateral project called "Castles - places where our common European values were forged". Our partners are schools from Spain, Italy, Scotland and Turkey.

Copernicus Day

As our school is called Nicholas Copernicus School, we celebrate our patron's birthday as our School Day. So, every year in February we hold celebrations to honour the man who "stopped the Sun and moved the Earth".
The celebrations fall into two parts. During the first part, we research some topic connected with life and work of Nicholas Copernicus, make posters presenting our findings and prepare a small show to share our knowledge with the rest of the school.
This year, all classes from year five were supposed to prepare information on different planets of our Solar System. Our class got Mars and Venus.
The second part was held at the gym. First, the Head Teacher gave out diplomas and prizes that pupils had won taking part in a variety of school competitions connected with Nicholas Copernicus. A lot of 5B students were called to collect their prizes!
Then, there was a talent show in which two students from our class, Agata and Marta, took part.
And this is how the first term ended. February 8th was the last day of school before winter holidays, which we call here "FERIE".