Kate Barnard


all about me

Did you know I have 5 other siblings? having 5 other siblings isn't as bad as it seems because sometimes they are really fun to annoy. Especially Natalie who doesn't share anything so if I take her stuff from her room she gets super mad and chases me around the house but she isn't a very fast runner.I have played piano since I was in the second grade piano and soccer since I was in the first and my favorite animals are birds and horses I am very crafty I like to paint, draw and decorate but what makes me maddest is when the living terrors (the twins which, by the way are 2 1/2 ) break into my room and either eat all my candy or dump my art stuff all over the floor.

Did you know that I went to Washington DC over the summer ?I saw a lot of the Smithsonian's and I saw all of the monuments but the Washington monument was under construction because of an earthquake that had happened a few years ago I also saw the Lincoln memorial but someone had vandalized it so there were a whole lot of reporters so we couldn't get up close.I also went to Madame Tussaud's, a place with famous people made out of wax I took a lot of pictures I also made a wax hand.

my parents are both MU fans so I am naturally a MU fan. I have been to Columbia several times to see MU play basketball because my parents love to watch Basketball but that's pretty much it.