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September 28 - Week 6

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Upcoming Events

September 28 - Diamond Team to Winding Trails

September 28 - Open House - 6:30pm (KP Showcase opens at 6:00pm)

September 29 - Professional Learning Team Meeting Day

September 30 - Team Leaders - Full --Board of Education Members Visit
September 30 - CSI - Department

October 1 - Riverfront Recapture - Emerald Team
October 1 - MS/HS Principals Meeting - 2:00pm (Joy)
October 2 - National Custodian Day

Professional Learning Team Meeting Day---Tuesday periods 1-9 in the PLC Room

I will be meeting with all certified staff on Tues throughout the day. Our focus will be:

Big Rock 1: Student Success
  • A focus on Student Led Conferences

Big Rock 2: Staff Wellness

  • Growing in our Emotional Intelligence
  • Growing as a Professional

We'll have light refreshments for the morning and afternoon shifts.

What do I need to bring? A sunny perspective and a notebook if you like taking notes.

Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Board Members Mark Zydanowicz and Jay Sarzen will be here from 11:15-12:15 to tour our school and may be visiting classroom.
CIT Proposals are due this week!!! You have a few more days to submit your proposals and recruit your participants.

Public Communications -- Administrative Regulations 4080-R-Use of Social Media

Please click here to review that board of education policy for Certified/Non Certified Personnel use of public communication and social media.

Staff reminder for trip organizers

A copy of trip permission slips need to be given to Karen Walsh. Thank you.
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Get a GREAT cup of brew and support the special needs program!

Coffee House

When: Monday

Where: Teacher Lounge

Time: 2nd period

How much: .50 cents

Flu Clinic

KP Flu Clinic is:

Tuesday October 6, 2015

3-4:30 pm in Small Cafe

please see Melissa Hawkins or Kathy Condon to sign up, for a consent form and all information that you will need.

Don’t take chances with your family’s health — make sure you all get vaccinated against influenza every year!

• Influenza can make you, your children, or your parents really sick.

• Influenza spreads easily from person to person.

• Influenza and its complications can be so serious that they can put you, your children, or your parents in the hospital — or lead to death.

• Influenza can be a very serious disease for you, your family, and friends — but you can all be protected by getting vaccinated

Welcome Eleanor Riker - World Language - Opal Team

I am a 2002 graduate of CCSU (B.S.Ed. in Spanish) and a 2008 graduate of CCSU with a M.S. in Remedial Reading and Language Arts. I have studied in Puerto Rico and Cuba. I have been teaching for 14 years now, mostly middle school. I am an avid tennis fan, an expert Ikea furniture builder, and an aspiring gardener. I have two sons, Harrison and Nolan. I play the oboe in the Bristol Brass and Wind Ensemble and love to sing and play the piano as well.

Park Road Parade

Check your calendars and join the ever growing number of KP Mustangs who will be strolling up Park Road on Saturday October 3rd ... Bring your family members and pets too.

Parade starts at 10:30 and will conclude close to noon.

Are you in? Contact Marty Keena

Volunteer - KP Vegetable Garden

This year KP will be working with students and families to start our school vegetable garden. I am looking for a few other staff members who might be interested in helping with this project. This fall we would meet a few times to order the supplies that we need and plan. The hope is that in the spring we get families to come out to help us build and tend our plants. Please email if you are interested in helping in any capacity. We can use all the help we can get!

October 16th ---Reserve your spot

Denise has booked Lindsey to come for iPAD training; however, we want to make sure this is something of interest so that we are not pulling her from 15 other schools for no reason. :-)

You're a GEM

  • Troy Jones, Lauren Pouliot, Eric Lord, Mike Flaherty and Stacey Grindle from colleague Joy Wright for sacrificing some of your class time to expose students to the many clubs and activities that are available at KP.
  • Pat Susla, Mike Rollins, Chad Ellis, Jeri Van Leer, Kris Nystrom and Lucy Cartland from colleague Joy Wright for attending our KP Showcase to meet with our 6th grade families. We appreciate you supporting our parent/guardian engagement efforts.

Good to Know Information

Check out our Family Newsletter: The KP Connection

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Culturally Responsive Book Club Book Group --Check it Out

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